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Tabula Rasa: Life after Art School

Is there a good life that awaits after art school? Is it lucrative enough to put up a small design studio after fine arts? Can anyone in the art field make it to the advertising industry?The answer depends a lot on how a fine arts graduate prepares his portfolio.

It is good to start first with the collection of great sample of works and make a visually enticing art book for presentation to prospective companies, manufacturing establishments, production studios (animation) and mid-size advertising agencies. The possibility of getting the first crack for launching a creative career can only be achieved by trying it outside of Davao City.

Take for instance the life in an ad agency in Manila. The fee of a junior art director is at par with the remuneration of a new entrant company executive. Fringe benefits are also attractive in the advertising industry. Other packages like cars, health coverage and insurance are always included in the monthly pay check. Of course there are also deduction like taxes and other government fees but at the end of the month, there will be  enough left for the family coffer.

Some multi-national ad agencies and studios pay their creative people with gargantuan fees in order to keep them especially those who are handling multi-national brands. The sad part of the deal is that creative people will always work longer hours to beat deadlines. Some get overtime pay while others don’t get any extra fee at all. The flip side of this is a good life- better savings for the future.

This is the kind of life you want to enjoy after art school. But it can only happen if you know how to make your first move.



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