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ROUGH CUTS | Why Ursi Ungab lost in Calinan

If there was any candidate – and a re-electionist at that – who we did not expect to lose, he is Calinan Barangay Capain Ursi Ungab.

Yes, we say we did not expect him to lose because the things he did were for the betterment of the people of his barangay. For example he fixed the chaotic condition of vehicular traffic in the barangay. Ungab did this by putting up terminals for tricycles plying routes from Calinan to other nearby barangays. Captain Ursi put order to the mess in the Calinan Public market where people buying their household needs are given the luxury of walking on market pathways sans dirty water or mud as these are asphalted or are already provided roofs.

Ambulant vendors are assigned certain areas so as not to allow them to display their merchandise in every available space in the market vicinity.

Of course with the assignment of terminal areas for tricycle waiting for passengers going back to Calinan’s neighboring barangays and allowing only tricycles owned by Calinan residents to roam around the barangay proper did not bode well with residents from nearby barangays. It is understandable because market goers or people from the neighboring barangays having transactions in Calinan proper have to take double rides for them to be ferried back home. That is, from where they had business dealings to the terminal, and from the terminal going back home.

As to the ambulant vendors being assigned certain areas in the market to display their wares, naturally the “unlucky” ones who are assigned in the less passed-by area will suffer a much reduced sales.

There is no denying the fact though that Ungab’s fixing of the chaotic situation of the market and of Calinan’s traffic was most ideal. Unfortunately his moves were unpopular to many. Thus instead of being appreciated, somehow these have become the apple of discord between him and many Calinan residents.

But as far as we are concerned the occurrence of serious crimes in Calinan during the months winding up Ungab’s term may have been the determining factor of Chairman Ursi’s failure to get reelected.

The rape-slay case of a lady architect and the grenade-throwing incident that resulted to the death of one were very fresh in the minds of Calinan residents. And Ungab was intriguingly silent in both cases.

While crime solution is the responsibility of the police, many Calinan residents may have believed that the crimes could have been prevented if Chairman Ungab had thought of ways that could deter its commission..

We are just sad that all the ideal things that chairman Ungab did for his constituents were forgotten by them when the barangay captain’s administration runs afoul with one pf the most heinous crimes ever committed in his barangay.


Now this other Ungab friend of ours, Isidro “Sid” Ungab , the incumbent congressman of the third district, is speaking his mind out on the case of grave threat filed by Partylist Congresswoman France Castro. According to Congressman Ungab, what Castro is doing is simply making the most of Duterte’s alleged grave threat as her militant groups’ propaganda.

We agree with Congressman Ungab one hundred percent. But it cannot also be denied that the former President had it coming. Yes, his “colorful” language often put him to task more so when his statement comes at a time when certain issues involving him are fresh.

Of course, with the former President being a prosecutor for q long period, he knows what language to use and how to use it to avoid being brought to court.

Hence, his having mentioned the name “France” without a family name is one assurance that the case will not prosper. Perhaps it is also the very reason why one of the lawyers of Congresswoman Castro Also said that their case will be an acid test of the kind of justice system we have in the country.


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