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Posts published in “OPINION”

Guest Editorial | Stay home, stay free

Only your immune system and nothing else can destroy coronavirus and stop the pandemic. Even a vaccine, if eventually found, works only to assist the…

Editorial | One man’s vision

The world has produced many great men, men who had the ability to see the future with great wisdom and care. This month, Mindanao Times…

My Turn | Home sweet home

A solitary confinement in your home when humanity is hunkering down against the invisible enemy is a big- time deprivation of one’s liberty. For the…

Guest Editorial | Killing Corona

COVID 19 dies if deprived of new hosts. So staying home is a great measure to kill the virus. That is certain. But how many…

Honoring my Mother | Quarantine fatigue

Two weeks. That’s how long it has been. If I were to log in everything that we had done during the period, without being overly…

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