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PUBLISHER’S NOTES| PH President: `Jorge Bergoglio’

LAST night, I watched at  Netflix the movie   “THE TWO POPES” featuring how Pope Benedict XVI renounced the papacy in the Vatican in Rome to  POPE FRANCIS. No wonder when…

ROUGH CUTS| A case of not ‘walking their talk’?

EARLY last week people in Davao City going to the downtown area noticed a coffin display in some Corona Virus Disease (CoViD) 19 checkpoints (or what used to remain of…

PUBLISHER’S NOTES| `Jesus’ was born on Christmas Day

AS this year’s  Christmas Day nears, Luzon and the Visayas islands have been badly battered relentlessly  by succeeding and seemingly unending typhoons.  Several died. Thousands have lost their homes, others…

PUBLISHER’S NOTES| When Someone Close Dies

I RECALL this article I wrote 6 years ago when I visited last Monday,  November 9, the grave of my late father, Martin, Sr. who celebrated his 99th birthday in…

PUBLISHER’S NOTES| 3 months after 2013 Zamboanga Siege

Last Episode ZAMBOANGA CITY ( Nov 23, 2013)– I had that eerie, weird feeling scanning the destroyed houses as we “toured” the so-called “ground zero” where Ustadz Habier Malik and…

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