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Surprise inspections | New regional police director visits city precincts, checkpoints

The newly designated director of the Police Regional Office XI led the spot inspection of different police precincts and mobile checkpoints in Davao City around 11 p.m. on Tuesday to determine operational readiness and catch personnel who might be skipping their appointed shifts.

Chief Supt. Marcelo Morales also checked if all the facilities and equipment were functional. Among the police precincts he inspected were the Sta. Ana, San Pedro, Talomo, Toril, Tugbok, and Sasa. He also visited the Sirawan checkpoint to see how they are checking the entry of vehicles into the city.

Morales noted that the personnel who should be on duty were all accounted for. He also noticed that not one among the police officers was sleeping on the job. Also, 90% of the night shift was present on the job although those who were absent had a prior excuse for doing so.

“My intention really is a surprise inspection but because the regional director is new so they expect that anytime there will be an announced inspection that will be conducted,” he added. “But hopefully, in the succeeding inspections, they will be really surprised even though I am alone and with no security, I will do that.”

However, he noticed some facilities and equipment that needed improvement. He noted that some of the concrete fences were too low, which puts the security of the precincts at risk. Also, some of the police stations were dirty.

He claimed that he timed the inspection right after the Kadayawan festival to determine if the heightened security has tapered off.

Morales thought that the police officers “were just relaxing.”
That is why I ensured last night that even those big events here, normal operations will not be disrupted,” Morales told reporters yesterday during the AFP-PNP press briefing held at Royal Mandaya hotel yesterday morning.

The inspection was also part of the internal cleansing of the Police Regional Office XI as he aims to rid the force of scalawags and the undisciplined.

Meanwhile, Morales commended the men and women for the zero crime incident in the just-concluded Kadayawan festival. He also the personnel to work hard perform their daily duties well.

He also emphasized that major events, personnel should not be complacent and the entire police station should always be on alert. Davao City and the rest of Mindanao are on heightened alert due to the implementation of the Martial Law.

“We will continue to conduct inspections in other provinces and again, in the Davao City Police Office and its police stations,” he said.


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