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Still a huge problem

The city government experimented on the implementation of a truck ban two years ago to look into how it would impact on traffic and business.

The experiment has since become a permanent thing as trucks are prohibited from plying key routes in the city during the so-called peak hours when traffic in the city is as horrendous as in other key urban centers of the country.

Other cities have also imposed an extended truck ban and reported the ease in traffic during its implementation but it would also be interesting to know the impact on the ban on their local economy.

In the city, however, the truck ban has hardly made any dent on the traffic situation because of the sheer number of vehicles that are allowed to use the streets.

In some days even, the problem is compounded by the fact that there are either violators or those who are authorized to run after them close their eyes to the violations committed.

It is good that the city government, although also in a temporary basis, has started implementing the Peak Hours Augmentation Bus program which aims to provide an alternative to commuters in coming to work or going home in rush hours.

Laudable as it is, it would still be better for the city to have a comprehensive and conducive transport system that will not only address traffic congestion but will also provide a convenient mode of transport to the majority of the people.

For a growing metropolis like the city, the traffic problem will hardly go away.

To curb it, however, what is needed is a political will and a comprehensive program.


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