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Posts published by “Editors”

Dengue season

DROWNED by the COVID-19 pandemic, reports on dengue, the mosquito borne viral illness that has plagued us for the past decades have not been amplified.…

EDITORIAL | The beauty of technology

WE MIGHT be constrained by the measures involved in implementing the quarantine but we do find ways to connect through technology. It is interesting to…

Editorial | Capacitate the teachers first

The discussions on the approaches that must be taken especially by public schools in the “new normal” have always singled out connectivity as the main…

Editorial | Laughter heals

We pored through some of the books written by Davaoenos and came across “The Amazing World of Laughter and its Super Healing Power” written by…

Editorial | Towards a safer space for bikers

Navigating the city’s streets using a bike is not as easy as it seems. This was experienced firsthand by two councilors who pedalled through the…

Editorial | A generation to protect

Unicef has, all these years, worked for the promotion, protection and assertion of children’s rights yet this vulnerable population continues to suffer all forms of…

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