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PLENTINA introduces new era of wealth management

FILIPINO-LED, Silicon-Valley-based fintech Plentina Inc. introduced a new era in automated wealth management by operating a robo-advisory technology service in the Philippines.

Plentina Wealth is a digital-wealth management service that helps Filipinos achieve their important financial goals in life.

The app aims to reshape the wealth management industry with AI by democratizing access to wealth management, appropriate financial advice, customized communication, and more efficient and accurate decision-making when it comes to finances. 

Earl Valencia, Plentina’s co-founder and chief business officer, who was also appointed by the President of the Philippines as the Executive Member of the National Innovation Council, said they wanted to build the Philippines as a nation of investors, not a nation of spenders. 

“We’re always considering innovative ways to democratize financial services. Traditionally, the wealth management sector here has operated manually and necessitated considerable capital. However, with the advent of AI, we’ve managed to drastically reduce the minimum investment requirement by a factor of ten,” Valencia said. 

Valencia emphasized that although these changes may seem revolutionary, they have been implemented successfully in other parts of the world. 

“While it may appear to be rocket science, these developments are already a reality elsewhere,” he clarified.

He also highlighted the pioneering role they’re playing in transforming the financial landscape of the Philippines. 

“We’re spearheading these changes here, with a goal to transition the Philippines from a nation of spenders to a nation of investors. That is the vision we hold for the future of the Philippines,” Valencia added. 

Valencia also served as a panelist at the Davao ICon 2023: Investments of the Future, an investment conference hosted by the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. last July 17-19, 2023, discussing how technology is reinventing the wheel and driving progress in thriving business hubs such as Davao. 

The Plentina Wealth is set to launch on Aug. 9 during the team’s Demo Day in Makati, followed by the unveiling of their programs and services.


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