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Plain and simple: People Power

People Power was not owned by anyone. The people own it. Hence, it is people power. The power belongs to the people.
Not Cory. Not Enrile. Not Gringo. Not any other personality. Like the Sinulog, it goes on even without the politicians. It is much better without them.
People Power was a spontaneous action of the Filipino people so oppressed by the Marcos dictatorship. It was not overnight. It was borne out of the ruthlessness of the Marcos dictatorship.
The Marcos dictatorship silenced dissent. Ordinary people were hamleted. The youth who expressed dissent disappeared. Farmers were butt-stroked even if they did nothing. Just being suspected of being rebels.
The 20 years of Marcos dictatorship was enough for the Filipino oppressed by the regime. Enough was enough. They could not take it anymore. So they inched their way to the streets to protest, to show their opposition to the Marcos dictatorship.
Until everything contrived to fill the main streets of the Philippines. They put their lives on the line and they were all ready to die for their freedom and democracy. They were on the streets to make sure Marcos would get out of Malacanang.
I could remember the opposition gathered at the Ateneo de Davao High School Campus in Matina. Opposition personalities among them were Nanay Soling, Zaf Respicio, Monching Mitra. Then the call of Cardinal Sin for people to protect Enrile and Ramos. The people were there with Nora Aunor, among others.
Marcos and his family left Malacanang. And it was over. The people were in Jubilation. There were those who cried but these were tears of joy. The people rushed to Malacanang to take over. All these were in pictures.
Should we erase that part of history in our psyche as a Filipino people?
No one can erase memories. It is there. To use the principles of Carl Jung, it is there in our collective unconscious. It is there in us. Enough is enough.
We celebrate People Power to salute the initiative of the people to oppose any oppressive regime.


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