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LTO reminds motorists: Collect your plates now

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) XI reminded anew the motorists who registered from July 2016 to July 2018 to claim their plates at the regional office as soon as possible to avoid fines and penalties.“We are urging applicants from July 2016 to July 2018 to claim their plates now because we can already charge them with no plates attached. There’s already a plate, all they have to do is to claim it,” Jun Antonio, LTO XI Law Enforcement Division chief, said.

Antonio said there are still 6,435 pairs of unclaimed plates as of April 3, 2019 and within this week, they are expecting another 11,000 plates from the central office.

He said the LTO XI has started the operation on plate violations in January of this year after a massive information dissemination last November 2018.

“We will apprehend them because we have been announcing it for a long time but until now there are still unclaimed plates so it’s negligence on their part,” Antonio said on Wednesday.

Upon claiming the new plates, owners need to present their application receipts. They can request a copy from the records section if they lost the receipt.

Meanwhile, the plates of owners who applied prior to July 2016 remain pending because of legal issues that needed to be resolved.

According to Antonio, they are still unsure when will these plates be released.



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