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IMPULSES | Preparing for entrance tests using YouTube

By Herman M. Lagon

AS EVERY senior high school graduating student stands on the brink of a significant milestone, the college entrance exam is not just about what you know but about how you prepare. With the digital world at your fingertips, the key to unlocking your academic potential might be a click away on YouTube. This is not just any test; as the saying goes, “pangabuhi na ni ya,” implying that this moment could shape your future. So, let us dive into a straightforward guide to navigating your prep with YouTube, ensuring your journey for college in Iloilo or beyond is insightful but also efficient and cost-effective.

First off, understanding the vast landscape of YouTube is crucial. This platform is not just for entertainment but a goldmine of educational resources. From detailed subject tutorials to test-taking strategies and everything in between, YouTube offers a plethora of content to bolster your exam readiness. Channels like Khan Academy, Crash Course, Team Lyqa Channel, Math with Mrs. O, Countryside Farmer, InfiniTeach, CET Review Academy, University Files, and Review Masters represent only a small portion of what is available, providing lessons that simplify intricate concepts into manageable pieces.

But it is not just about watching videos passively. The true excitement unfolds when you actively immerse yourself in the content. Practice problems and solutions are abundant, allowing you to apply what you have learned in real time. This hands-on approach reinforces your knowledge and enhances your problem-solving skills, a critical component of acing any entrance exam.

Moreover, YouTube is not a one-way street; it is a community. Here, you can connect with fellow aspirants, exchange insights, and find motivation through success stories. This feeling of belonging can serve as a potent motivator, serving as a reassuring reminder that you’re not embarking on this journey alone.

However, the convenience of YouTube comes with its own set of challenges. Navigating the extensive range of content in college entrance tests can be daunting, underscoring the importance of maintaining a clear focus. Start by identifying reputable channels that specialize in your exam’s content. Utilize playlists to organize your study sessions, and remember to engage with the community through comments and live Q&A sessions.

A crucial aspect of using YouTube effectively is ensuring the credibility of the content. Cross-reference what you learn with official study materials or other reputable resources. Remember, while YouTube is a valuable tool, it should complement, not replace, your broader study plan.

Creating a structured study schedule is also vital. Allocate specific times for your YouTube sessions, and be disciplined about following through. This includes setting aside time for review, practice, and even breaks to ensure you are studying efficiently.

And let us not forget the importance of a healthy lifestyle in your prep plan. Prioritizing proper nutrition, regular physical activity, and sufficient rest is equally essential alongside your study sessions. After all, a sharp mind requires a healthy body.

As the exam approaches, remember to keep calm and trust your preparation. Do not cram at the last minute; use YouTube to revisit critical concepts or tackle any lingering doubts. And on the day of the exam, approach it confidently, knowing you’ve done everything you can to prepare.

Acknowledge your hard work after the exam, regardless of the immediate outcome. Reward yourself, rest, and stay positive while waiting for the results. Remember, this exam is just one step in your academic journey, not the definitive measure of your potential.

IYouTube offers a flexible, accessible, and comprehensive platform for exam prep. With the right approach, it can be an invaluable resource in your study arsenal. So, dive in, explore, and let YouTube, aside from many other review tools, be your ally on the path to acing your college entrance exam. Remember, the effort you put in now is not just for passing a test; it is an investment in your future.


Doc H fondly describes himself as a ‘student of and for life’ who, like many others, aspires to a life-giving and why-driven world that is grounded in social justice and the pursuit of happiness. His views herewith do not necessarily reflect those of the institutions he is employed or connected with.


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