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Honoring My Mother: Island-hoping in stormy weather

The day before, each and every one had already been prepped as could be, with all assigned tasks accomplished, and the checklist completed. The snacks and drinks had been packed, with the rice and the food, meant for breakfast on the boat, still to be cooked in the wee hours before our launch time. Nevertheless, all things pointed to a One Big Go… until we converged at the wharf for our much-anticipated boat ride.There, we learned that the weather, so to speak, had other plans. According to the local coast guard, a minor tropical depression had entered the region and developed into a full storm the night before. Thus, as a precaution, they had deemed sea travel potentially dangerous and cancelled all voyages for the duration. In short that was it, the long-planned island-hopping tour of these merry band of office mates and their families, was officially dead in the water.

The little kiddies in our group however, would have none of it. For them (bless the dogged determination of children), it was a clear case of ‘rain or shine, typhoon or not, the outing must push through’. When a suggestion to go to a pool resort instead was raised, a little one immediately shot it down with gung-ho kid logic. What is a beach party without sand, and where is the sand in a swimming pool?

Truth be told, the grownups were all in silent agreement with them; to go home and swim another day was simply out of the question. Surely, there must be an alternative just floating about. As luck would have it, our quick Google searches finally proved successful, because at the tip of the city was a beach resort we all agreed on.

Afterwards, a companion had coined our little adventure as the island-hopping that turned into an island-hoping affair, but we all felt it as more than that. As we filled the morning with tons of selfies, food, and jokes, and then more food, the early disappointment of not being able to proceed with the cruise had been forgotten. Yes, things may not have gone according to plan, but in the end, as in life, going around obstacles was always the best resort. The office mateys got to bond and had their fun day in the sun.

More important, them swell kids had had their precious sand and brief swim. Despite that storm brewing in the distance, all was still well with world.


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