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Editorial | Throw the book harder

The report of the Traffic Group that drunk driving has continued to be a menace on the road is disturbing because, aside from the ban on drinking after midnight, the city government has also been strict in implementing the law on drunk driving.

Based on the report of Lieutenant Colonel Nolan Raquid, commander of the unit, 49 cases were filed against those suspected violators of the Anti-Drunk Driving Act in a month between February 6 and March 6.

The report, however, did not classify whether those arrested were drinking before the ban or after it, or whether they were arrested as they were entering the city, or they were drinking in their homes in the city. Another aspect that needed to be looked into were the age brackets of these suspected violators.

The report also did not specify whether those arrested figured in vehicular accidents as well as how they were detected.

Even with the absence of these facts, the thing is these people may have violated the law whose aim is to prevent the loss of lives, especially of those whose might have been in a wrong place at a wrong time.

And these people did not want to learn the hard lesson. The government must throw the book at them as hard as possible for them to wake up from slumber.

The Constitution does not prevent one from drinking; those who want to drink are only prevented to drive vehicles as the spirit of liquor is among the worst catalysts of accidents. One may want to drink at his or her risk, but it is not a license for him or her to violate the law, or worst, cause misfortune on others.


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