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Editorial: People disconnected from food

(We take the liberty of printing an excerpt from Agence France Presse writer Patrick Galey on the green cuisine crusade that underlines the world’s problem  on food sustainability.)

There are roughly 800 million malnourished people alive today, and close to two billion are overweight or obese.

With rampant overconsumption in some parts of the world and grinding hunger in others, food industry insiders insist the best place to start would be to re-educate the public over the true cost of feeding ourselves.

“There’s a whole disconnection between people and animals and plants so we need to think about our relationship with food,” said Virgilio Martinez Velez, head chef at Central, the restaurant in Lima, Peru frequently voted among the 10 best in the world.

“If people take this diet as superficial, trendy stuff it won’t work,” he told AFP. “We have to create places where you can actually experience (where our food comes from).”

For Cameroonian chef Christian Abegan, any future-proof diet would only ultimately work if it contained the key ingredient: deliciousness.

“I know there are challenges to change people’s way of cooking and we need to show them the results,” he told AFP, a bowl of buckwheat and seaweed noodles in hand. (Agence France Presse)


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