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City lauded for amended anti-discrimination law

The Yellow Warriors Society Philippines Inc. and the City Council committee on health praised Mayor Sara Duterte for signing the amended Anti-Discrimination Ordinance.

“The good mayor has signed the amended Anti-Discrimination Ordinance which now makes it against the law to discriminate against a person based on his or her health status,” committee on health chair Mary Joselle Villafuerte told TIMES.
“Health status can no longer be the basis of removing anybody from a place of work or refusing to hire anybody, unless determined by the proper body that their condition is a danger to himself, their co-workers, or the public,” Villafuerte explained.
The Yellow Warriors Society Philippines Inc., a community-based, voluntary health organization that helps hepatitis patients, also expressed its gratitude to the local government for having a landmark legislation that safeguards persons with health issues from workplace discrimination.
“This ordinance is a monumental help to viral hepatitis carriers as this will safeguard a fairer employment opportunity by elimination of health requirements prior to employment,” YWSP Davao chapter president Ariel Carcallas told TIMES.
“For the longest time, we fought against discrimination and we feel that this is our victory. With this local law, hepatitis patients have now a wider option to be accepted in the job they want,” he added.
Apart from wider opportunities, the group signifies that the said local law will boost the morale of hepatitis patients.
The group further calls for the implementing rules and regulations of the ordinance for a more strengthened implementation.
“I hope all cities and even the national congress will do the same to institutionalize this humane change and to finally eradicate viral hepatitis by 2030,” Carcallas called.


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