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City allots P5M for dogs

City Mayor Duterte has allotted P5 million for the new facility for impounded dogs in Barangay Malagos, Calinan District.

If the new facility will be completed, the City Veterinarian Office (CVO) will be adapting a dog adoption program.
CVO’s head doctor Cerelyn Pinili said the one-hectare facility is way bigger than the current dog pound in Barangay Ma-a, Talomo District.
Dr. Pinili said that the proposed facility can shelter up to 150 impounded dogs. The present center can only accommodate 100 dogs.
As the CVO impounds 15 to 20 dogs daily, the dog pound is overcrowding with dogs lumped together in a single cage.
Last year, thousands of dogs were impounded. Those were captured mostly in subdivisions located in Talomo, Tugbok and Buhangin districts.
Pinili said only 10 to 15 percent of impounded dogs were claimed by their owners. The rest were subjected to mercy killing if unclaimed after three days.
City Ordinance No.1457 mandates an impounding fee of P250 on the first day and an addition of P50 for the succeeding days for each dog.
The CVO said they do not promote dog adoption with the current overcrowded center. They may adapt the dog adoption once the new rehabilitation center will be completed.
With the present set-up, dogs “cannot be adopted by someone because when we impound dogs they are all in one cage so if someone is a virus carrier of rabies and would bite another dog there is a possibility they will become infected,” Pinili said.
In the new rehabilitation center, dogs will be examined if they are rabies-free then technicalities for adoption process will follow.
CVO is urging dog owners to have their dogs vaccinated.
A fine P2,000 is imposed to owners who fail to immunize their pets.
Pinili also assailed those irresponsible pet owners.
She said some owners take care of their pets when they are small and cute. But when they grow older, owners are letting the dogs to stray.


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