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CHO: More men express interest in vasectomy

THERE IS a significant increase in the number of men who are interested in non-scalpel vasectomy, according to a City Health Office official.

As of this month, CHO reported 89 men who underwent vasectomy, representing an increase of 20.27% from the 74 individuals in 2022. In contrast, between 2020 and 2020, the number of patients availing of the service averaged only 30. 

“Mubo lang iyahang numero pero ingana kalisod magkumbinsi sa lalaki kay na-anad ta nga puro babae ang gina-tulak pag mag-atiman og family planning, karon taas na ang atong acceptors (The numbers are low but that’s because it’s difficult to convince men because we are used to push women to take the burden of family planning. Now, our acceptors have increased),” Jerrielyn Lewis, CHO City Population Division head, said during the iSpeak media forum on Thursday.

Bout pasabot naabot sa grassroots ang atong mga tudlo nga kung tama na ang sukod sa imong pamilya, mamili na ta og permanente nga method (It means our education awareness on permanent family planning methods already penetrated the grassroots),” she added.

Lewis revealed that vasectomy piques the interest of younger men as she noted consultations involving would-be patients as young as 19 years old. The prevailing reason for these younger men is the fear of responsibility of rearing children.

Kung pwede unta, dili namo siya i-cater pero di man pud pwede balibaran kay ma-igo mi sa informed choice and voluntarism. Mailhan man gud sa kadaghang counseling nga ilang ma-agian, mogawas ilang defiance nga di sila gusto og bata,” Lewis said.

The official urged men not to leave the contraception decision to their partners as the procedure takes only about 15 minutes, unlike tubal ligation which requires longer healing and recovery. 

The CHO-CPD gives free vasectomy operations every last Friday of the month, also extending the service to men outside the city. Out of 89 total operations in 2023, 11 were from neighboring areas.

The city will celebrate World Vasectomy Day in SM Davao City on Monday, Nov 20.  CHO- CPD urged the Davaoeños to attend the celebration at the SM Former Bingo Hall as they will tackle myths surrounding the procedure.


Photo courtesy of the City Health Office 


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