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Baguio planting

• Councilors urge barangay residents to grow pine trees

A City Council committee is urging officials of Barangay Baguio Proper in Baguio District to encourage every household and government office in the said third-district barangay to plant and grow a pine tree.

This is the recommendation of the Council’s Committee on Rules, Privileges, Laws, and Ordinances chaired by Councilor Melchor Quitain Jr. supporting the resolution of the barangay officials for the planting of pines in the barangay, namesake of the country’s summer capital.

The Baguio Barangay Council submitted a proposed resolution mandating every resident to plant and grow pine trees.

But Quitain’s committee declined to support the passage of the ordinance on the matter because the council failed to provide the penalty.

In the barangay resolution, Baguio Kagawad Karen Mendez manifested that the pine tree seedlings will be produced and sponsored by the Barangay Council.

Barangay Resolution No. 12, series of 2018, aims to educate its constituents of the importance and benefits of planting and growing pine trees. The barangay resolution targets to bring back the cool climate of the mountain barangay.

But the city council’s committee that reviewed the barangay resolution said the barangay can go on with the project but they have to let the barangay residents do it on voluntary basis.

The said committee also asked the City Agriculture’s Office to help the Barangay in its implementation.

Pine tree is the trademark of the country’s summer capital, Baguio City, a mountain resort city in Benguit.


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