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TIMESMAN | Now at 83!

I considered 2023 my very blessed moment in my life and most memorable of all times as it is in this year when GOD continued to let me live to this day, to an age that even outlived my parents, five siblings, my wife Virgie, hundreds of relatives, friends and acquaintances who now are all in eternal life.

Most memorable was the beautiful wedding of my Unica Hija, now living in the United States, to her beau of 10 years. It was celebrated here. I walked the bride to the altar, witnessed by all her siblings and their families from abroad, close friends and some relatives from Manila, Cebu and Davao.

On this day of January 17, 2024, I’m celebrating my 83rd birthday when most of the people I knew have already departed forever. I’m not sad or mournful because we will all follow them later, anyway.

While the past years have taught me how strong I am, I will see to it that 2024 will still be full of love and light for me as well as to others, more blessings for the coming years for all mankind.

And while still living, I wish I could still eat anything I want even if the doctor says NO, do the things I love, communicate with more people known or even strangers to me. Continue to say hello and let the world know that I’m still kicking and capable of living beyond my expectation and maintain my presence with no regrets.

I wished for all these because we should always remember that not everyone is given a chance to grow old!

Happy birthday to me!


Ambitious local political nemeses of former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte can now sleep like a baby after the latter announced in a press conference that he will not run for mayor of Davao City in 2025, a position he held for 22 years before he became president.

“I’m retired, I’m tired…Count me out,” said Duterte who will be 79 on March 28.

I’m 99.99% sure that Mayor Digong is telling the truth this time. His age, walking with a cane, hard of hearing on both ears, were among the many reasons why he convinced me that he’s now out of politics.
The problem is my 2-year-old Martin, my only companion chow-chow in the house every time my son Jin Lorenz is on his out-of-town job. I can’t convince Martin to side with me. His 1% reason is that, si Duterte daw ay politico at “basta politico, sa sampung salita, isa lang ang tama.”

And Martin added: “79 na siya, ni hindi na niya kanyang maglakad ng walang tungkod at mahirap nang umakyat ng City Hall!”

“Eh bakit ako 83 na pero naniniwala ka parin sa akin?” I asked Martin.
“Iba ka Bossing kay Duterte. Kahit ano kinakain mo pa at nakaka drive pa ng sasakyan at matinong pag-iisip kahit 83 na!” Martin answered.

I stopped from here after I realized na mahirap makipag talo sa isang asong matalino tulad ni Martin!


Sen. Manny Pacquiao announced his upcoming fight with undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The fight might happen, but Manny can’t convince me that he’s doing this because he wants to avenge his two defeats at the hands of the black American champ. Matanda ka na, Manny para sa ring!

My observation is not mine alone. Even my social media friend, Antonio Bartolazo Partoza Jr. believed that the announced Pacquiao-Mayweather fight was nothing but kalukuhan. “It’s all for money! Ginogoyo lang (ang mga) tao,” he said.

Mexican boxing hero, Oscar De La Hoya also spoke about the fight.

“I’ve heard about this fight. Good luck to them. I think if they want to go to the ring and make money, that’s great. This fight is about earning money. It would be foolish to say: “I would never do it, because I will fight in a not real fight, I will not give the fans all the best in me and I will just try to make money….” De La Hoya said in an interview with Boxing Social’s YouTube channel.

Pero baka matuloy pa rin ang laban dahil marami pang mauuto-uto na mga tao sa mundo!


Since the Seaside Promenade of Azuela Cove in Lanang was opened to the public last November, I already visited the place facing IGACOS and Davao Gulf for an early morning walk several times and still counting for this is where I discovered the breathtaking views of the skyline, the fresh air of the surrounding and the soothing sound of ocean waves while the early morning sun rises from tops of the hills of the eastern coast of Davao Oriental.

And this is where I also met old buddies of 45 years ago, among them, Ed and his wife Noemi, both employees of Francisco Motors; Noel of Knight-hawk support group; Eddie of UMBN, and a new friend, Louie Verano, an old timer in the city.

Try this new attraction of Davao City and you will not regret it.


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