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Timesman: Inday Sara’s destiny

In the 2016 presidential election, I boldly predicted then in my speech at the TIMES 70th founding anniversary held at Mandaya Hotel that the next President of the country will come from Davao City.

True to what I’ve said, Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte is now on his 3rd year as the leader of 105 million Filipinos who introduced unprecedented steps in the first two years of his administration to solve illegal drugs, stop corruption, improve the economy, and revive relationships with neighboring countries as well as powerful countries such as the United States, China, Russia and European countries that no past presidents ever did. Again, I am repeating what I said in that occasion. This time another Duterte will continue what President Duterte has done to uplift the lives of the Filipinos. In my almost a week’s stay in Manila, the name Inday Sara was always in the front pages of national dailies bannering the incumbent Davao City chief executive to be the next female President of the Philippines. And history seems to repeat itself after Inday Sara was seen the last few days making the rounds of the Northern Luzon road trip riding her big bike named Ella as part of the “Hugpong ng Pagbabago” campaign for its senatorial candidates. Inday Sara’s sudden participation in the national sorties to lead a campaign is already interpreted as a prelude that she is eyeing the presidential election in 2022 which the presidential daughter admitted can be possible to happen but depends on the circumstances by saying “let’s make a deadline (to her plan) in January 2021,” the filing of candidacy for the presidency. Inday Sara said that running for president cannot be decided overnight. “It needs money, machinery and what is important above anything else is the wisdom and guidance from God,” she said. “Because it will be hard if it’s not for you, but it will be easy if God intended it for you.” Last Valentine’s Day, the President sent her a cake. “He sent me a Valentine’s (Day) cake and I would like to tell him, “Thanks for the cake, but I need money,” she ended. Like Inday Sara, I, too prefer cash over cake and other sweeties. Our only difference is that while it was the daughter who asked for it from a father, I was the one asking from a daughter. Now I know that Inday Sara is no different from ordinary daughters in a family. With reelectionist Senator Grace Poe who junked the possibility of another attempt to run for the presidency and Vice President Leni Robredo who also admitted not interested to run for president, then there is no more credible candidate for president except Inday Sara. Her victory is already in the bag. Although I am just a nobody to speak for the presidential daughter, again I just want to repeat here that Inday Sara is destined to become president. Finally, I just want to inform everybody that although I am a known Duterte believer, to be honest, I also have my own set of senatorial candidates different from that of President Duterte and Inday Sara’s bets. In fact no less than the daughter herself said in an interview, “President Duterte and I are different individuals. So, his opinion or his thoughts are not necessarily the same as my opinion and my thoughts.” Sorry to say this to my friends who are candidates in the election. Just take note of Inday Sara’s statement. Walang kaibigan sa akin pag hindi ko gustong botohin! -o0o- God is really good to me. My almost two months of waiting on the outcome of my medical checkup from St. Luke’s Medical Center in Manila, an extension clinic of St. Luke’s Hospital inTaguig City, has finally been released with positive result. I am in good health and fit to travel abroad. Thank you Lord. You really love me. But hate to say this, Lord. Every time I read in the newspaper that your Church people are again involved in sex molestation, the more I justified myself not to go to church to pray. A Catholic priest arrested last year was served five more warrants of arrest at his detention cell at Camp Bagong Diwa for allegedly sexually abusing 50 more victims, mostly altar boys as young as seven years old. Lord, baka puede pagsisipain mo na ang mga alaga mo dito sa lupa! Meanwhile, I have to extend for another five days my stay here due to my scheduled appearance at the American Embassy on Feb. 26 for the final evaluation of my immigrant visa. Just a few more days of waiting, Coco and we will soon see each other again. Awoww!


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