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Timesman: Divorce bill

I will be in Manila by the time you read this corner for the continuation of my medical checkup at the St. Luke’s Medical Center that started last December.

My readers need not worry. I am in the best of health except for my hypertension and diabetes mellitus II as my doctors are monitoring as they certify these illnesses “controlled” and “fairly controlled,” respectively.

My heart is also in good condition despite my age even if a said that heart stroke is a number one killer disease and 70 million people around the world die of it every year.

St. Luke’s is the only authorized medical facility by the American Embassy for applicants for immigrant status to the United States. No other hospitals or doctors in the country are allowed to do the medical checkup for those who want to go to the Big Apple.

Prepare a budget for the unexpected, but please as what the American Embassy and this corner’s reminder to would-be applicant, don’t sell property or borrow money while still in the process of applying. Sa Maynila pa lang ubos na ang pera niyo.

Although I have relatives in Pasay City and Las Pinas to stay with, my daughter booked me in a hotel that is nearest to the Embassy and St. Luke’s for my convenience. This is quite expensive, but maybe worth it in the long run.

Since I will be within the vicinity of Roxas Boulevard, this may also be my opportunity to personally observe the ongoing rehabilitation of the Baywalk by the government.  Congratulations, Mayor Duterte!

Named Dewey Boulevard then, this part of Manila Bay is the favorite spot of Manilenos and foreign tourists who want to see the magnificent view of the sunset at the back of Corregidor.

Memories of my teenage years spent here always come to mind especially that time when I had my circumcision performed at the Manila Bay with an albularyo (Quack doctor). Then we were instructed to jump into the water to wash the wound!

Imagine, taking a deep of the salty water with a fresh wound? Arayyy…!

Although circumcision then was already introduced upon birth in the hospital on a new born child upon request of the parents, in my case I was born in the house attended by a manghihilot because my parents were very poor then. I was 11 when it was done.

It was a harrowing experienced for the barkada then to undergo such procedure as we had no choice, otherwise we would be made a laughingstock.

Yes, my favorite pioneering Aristocrat Restaurant that survived the four-year occupation of the Imperial Japanese Army of Manila and other parts of the country will also be in my itinerary although the government issued closure order to the establishment and many others along Roxas Boulevard recently for allegedly polluting the Manila Bay. Baka magbukas pag dumating ako. Hehe!


Senate Bill No. 2134 or the Divorce Act of 2018 was filed in the Senate last month after the House of Representatives on March 19, 2018 approved on third and final reading House Bill No. 7303 which seeks to legalize absolute divorce in the country.

Bills pushing for divorce were also filed by lawmakers during the 14th, 15th, and 16th Congress against the opposition of the Catholic Church which says marriage is a sacred vow, and the Constitution upholds it as an institution that should be protected. It firmly stresses that no man can break what God has unified through the sacrament of marriage.

Although it took many years for both Houses of Congress to take the matter with finality, the divorce bill is almost in the bag, I am not surprised anymore if many wives of these lawmakers behind the measure will be having sleepless nights lately. You know what I mean.

As for me, whether the divorce bill is approved or not, I don’t care. Maybe you also know what I mean with that!

March 1st is my wife Virgie’s supposed birthday. But God took her away ahead of me, so there’s nothing to celebrate, but just to remember her in our prayers.





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