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I’ve been driving a car ever since I arrived in this city in 1960 when many of our traffic enforcers for sure may still be in their mothers’ wombs.

And for the last 62 years I only received three city traffic citation tickets for allegedly violating traffic rules and regulations. Until today I can’t understand if it is really a fault of my own or because of some dishonest traffic enforcers who intentionally entice you to commit such a road offense in exchange for bribe money!

My first citation ticket: I was then looking for a parking space at Ateneo High School along Acacia Road one late afternoon while waiting for my son Jin Lorenz who was then in Grade 10 when I saw a uniformed traffic aide assisting a man maneuvering his car about to leave in front of the “Student Exit Gate” of the school.

Seeing the opportunity, I signaled the traffic enforcer that I will occupy the space vacated and he answered “Okay, Sir.” I then entered the campus.

Few minutes later when I returned to the car with my son, I noticed a “No Parking” sign in front of my car which was not there earlier and a citation ticket on my windshield. It was drizzling and the traffic aide was no longer around although my watch showed it was just 3 p.m.

The following morning, I went to the Traffic Management Office at Sandawa then headed by Capt. Dionisio Abude to get clarification on the issuance of a citation ticket. Unfortunately, the one that issued the ticket to me was not around.

After hearing the side of my story, the lady investigator assured me that she will look into my complaint.

To make the story short, the traffic citation ticket was recalled and cleared me of any traffic violation.

The second citation ticket: I was following a vehicle two meters away when the car ahead of me suddenly conked and stopped in front of a traffic light at crossing Diversion Road and Buhangin Road leading to Cabantian. I immediately applied the brake to avoid hitting the car.

What I didn’t know was at that moment. my car was right at the pedestrian lane blocking the flow of people crossing. I can’t move either because I was sandwiched between the vehicle that broke down in front of me and the one following me.

I only learned I committed a traffic violation after almost a year when I renewed my vehicle registration at the LTO. At that time the city was implementing a no traffic apprehension policy wherein traffic incidents were recorded on CCTV cameras installed by the traffic management office. The project was temporarily stopped because of a court order.

Despite my explanation to the LTO that the incident was not intentionally done, nonetheless, I shelled out additional P1, 200 as penalty, otherwise I can’t renew my registration papers.

The third citation ticket was only last week and it was similar to the first traffic incident cited above.

I also asked the permission of a traffic aide then on duty in front of Bohol Trading along R. Magsaysay Avenue to park my car as I was buying equipment from the store for my fishing trip next week. The uniformed man said “Puede, Sir.! There were two other vehicles parked then.

Like in the previous incident at Ateneo, a citation ticket was also clipped in the windshield of my car while again the traffic enforcer that authorized me to temporarily park was no longer around.

This time I didn’t make any effort to question the citation ticket. I settled the same and paid the corresponding penalty. At least nakatulong pa ako sa kaban ng bayan!

Pero ito lang ang masasabi ko sa ilang traffic enforcers na hindi nababagay sa mga ganitong tungkulin sa gobyerno:

Magbago na ngayon at baka buhay pa kayo sinisilaban na sa Impiyerno ang mga kaluluwa ninyo! Mga buwisit!

Meanwhile, I’m in favor of the LTFRB’s plan to digitalize the present registration of motor vehicles to on-line application for one legit reason – that it will minimize “fixer” and corruption among personnel in the agency. Sana nga!

Siguro, the agency should also take cognizance accepting prospective traffic enforcers in the rank. Yun bang mga aplikante na hindi manluluko ng matatandang tulad ko!


The 10-day campaign period of all candidates in the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections on October 30 started last Thursday.

But despite COMELEC warning to disqualify candidates who will violate the Omnibus Election Code, many aspirants like in the past elections, ignored the warning.

My advice to the people: huwag botohan ang mga ganitong kandidato!

Our heavenly prayers to all departed souls on this All Saint Day and thereafter!




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