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ROUGH CUTS | Will the centers be functional?

Jail management authorities at the Davao City Jail in Maa must look into this claim by the newly installed J/Supt. Eric Lazaro.

In an interview during an AFP-PNP press briefing at the Royal Mandaya Hotel Lazaro said jail security personnel discovered some 39.1 grams of shabu pushed inside the anus of a person deprived of liberty (PDL) who was undergoing trial. According to Lazaro the illegal drug has an estimated street value of P216 thousand. The prohibited substance was supposed to be sold to other inmates at double the price. In other words the drugs business is brisk inside the Maa jail

Now the question is how come the PDL was able to get the shabu and from whom did he get it? We know that any inmate who is brought to court for trial of his case is closely guarded by several jail security personnel.

So how come that someone from the outside or inside the court room was able to hand over the drugs to the PDL? Does this indicate that the jail guards were not strictly doing their job, or that they have been lax in their responsibility? Or, are they part of a syndicate smuggling drugs inside?

Frankly, it is quite intriguing why a guarded PDL can have the opportunity of getting the substance and push it inside his anus without getting caught by the guards if they are indeed doing as expected of them.

We are certain that no matter how “innovative” is the scheme used, the occasion – that is, being in court for trial – would not just make it possible. It is a different story if, as we said, some guards are in cahoots with the PDL.

With this report of the prevalence of the illegal drugs business inside the city jail then claims that Davao City is almost drug-free is far from the truth. If it is happening inside then the drugs business must be much brisker outside.


The massive flood in some towns in Davao del Norte since a few days ago is not likely to subside sooner.

In fact with the continuous rain all over the Davao Region until the writing of this piece yesterday could possibly increase the depth of the water and further make the current even stronger.

The other day we saw pictures of the Davao-Tagum highway from certain portion of Carmen town to the Tagum proper hardly passable by land transportation as the road was inundated with waist-deep water.
What a way nature is exacting its revenge against those who intervened with its course. Unfortunately, there were only a few of them – the bigtime loggers and the officials of government before who indiscriminately issued permits to cut trees in almost all areas in the country for as long as they financially gain from it.

Now it is the people who have nothing to do with the devastation of our forest that are suffering from the nature’s revenge.

Meanwhile, the descendants of the forest destroyers are safely protected from the disastrous floods in their posh residences in elevated high-end subdivisions and/or high-rise condominium units.

According to reports there will be 11 super health centers to be opened in Davao City – courtesy of government through the efforts of youthful senator Bong Go.

But do these centers have what it takes to deliver the appropriate health services needed by the people? What we mean is do the centers have the needed health workers like doctors, nurses and midwives and other personnel to respond 24 hours when there is need for their services. Do these centers have the medicine needed to treat cases brought for intervention?

Or will these super health centers just become another luxurious shades for goats and other animals or possibly places for drunkards and jobless youths to stand by?

We can only hope these will not, and that the senator who could be occupying even higher elective positions later, has taken into consideration the need to provide the centers the required resources to make the health facilities functional.


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