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ROUGH CUTS | Where the inequality is obvious

A survey conducted recently by the University of Mindanao Institute of Public Opinion disclosed that a huge majority of Davaoenos support former President Rodrigo Duterte going back to active politics.

Is it surprising? We do not think so. It is extremely awkward for the people of Davao City rejecting a FPRRD comeback in active politics considering that up until the end of his term his performance and trust ratings as President remains at the unusually high level.

In other words, majority of the Filipinos believe he had done well during his term despite attempts of the opposition and foreign critics to destroy the pedestal he was perched on.

Hence, any Davaoeno abhorring a Duterte comeback, in whatever elective position he would want to run other then the Presidency, would be a serious betrayal to any of the city’s acknowledged leader of national caliber.

Yes, there will be some who do not like the former President because of diverse political persuasion. But when it comes to positions that could help shape the destiny of our nation, it is a must that Davaoenos, or any regional and local leaders having the chance to land national elective positions, should rally behind him or her.

The question though is, has FPRRD really abandoned his active political life given his recent seething criticisms against certain national government officials ioncluding but not limited to the sitting President?

Is Ret. P/Col. Dionisio Abude still the head of the Davao City Transportation and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) of the local government?

We are asking this question because in the past two or three weeks we already missed him news items dominating the local newspapers and in the boob tube and the air lanes as well. Has he gone on a long vacation or sick leave: retired; was retired or simply “canned” for some reasons?

Did he get the ire of the city government’s political gods because of intrigues sown by people salivating for his position?

Really, we do not have any inkling as to his status. We can only hope he is fine and doing good wherever he is or whatever he is currently doing.

The Aviation Security Unit (AVSEU) at the F/. Bangoy International Airport in Davao City through Lt. Col. Grace Lascano, deputy chief of AVSEU XI, disclosed during a press forum recently that the agency is beefing up its security personnel due to the increasing number of Very Important Personalities (VIPs) and tourists arriving as the Araw ng Dabaw celebration is getting frenzy.

Here lies the difference between those who are acknowledged as Very Important Persons (VIPs) and tourists on one hand, and the ordinary travelers in Pedro and Juan on another.

Authorities on themselves decide to put the security situation in such places as airports, in high alert level for fear that the security and personal safety of the people belonging to these sectors will be compromised.

To the ordinary airplane passenger, it is short of saying “let them suffer of any consequences of their taking the trip that jibed with the implementation of heinous acts of plain terrorists or extreme ideologues.

Now was there any one who said that “Human beings are created equal?” Tell it to the Marines.


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