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ROUGH CUTS | What’s happening to our city?

From the current actuations of Sen. Risa Hontiveros it is clear that she is harboring suspicion that the police and other law enforcement authorities are not doing their best in tracking down the now fugitive Kingdom, of Jesus Christ Church Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy. The spokeswoman of the Philippine National Police (PNP) is of course quick to deny the insinuation of the woman senator.

Of course knowing Quiboloy’s connection and the magnitude of his loyal followers, it is not far-fetched that he could be holed up in a very secured premises that those tracking his whereabouts would not even suspect that the Pastor could be there.

Assuming that Senator Hontiveros is right in her suspicion on the PNP-led composite tracking teams, does she also have the same doubt on the performance of the men of the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms office? Or, are the officers from that Senate agency so limited in the scope of their search jurisdiction that they could not go to places where the Pastor who is ordered by the Senate arrested on his failure to attend the Senate hearings, could be taking refuge?

Our take on this Quiboloy’s so far successful dodging of the law is that it could be the acid test on the resolve of the government to run after personalities accused of perpetuating grieve crimes regardless of their status in society.


Last Sunday two dead bodies were discovered by the police authorities from the Bajada Police Station. One was that of a man who was seen by a witness lying on a side of Daang Maharlika leading to Buhangin, Davao City. The discovery of the body was at about 5:30 in the morning of that day.
On the other hand, a body of a woman was found bathed in her own blood due to stab wounds inside a unit of the Camella Northpoint condominium also along Daang Maharlika at about 10:30 in the evening of Sunday, March 21.

As of this writing police probers have yet to establish the motive/s of the two killings. But already, some speculations are spreading that the dead man could have committed suicide. How the speculations started we have no idea. But if we have to hazard our own speculation it could possibly be due to the proximity of the locations where the bodies were discovered.

But then, again, all these are still wild speculations that may have come from some people’s wild and fertile imagination. But while the speculations may be far-fetched, these may not be totally impossible.
We just hope that the police will be able to establish the real motive or motives of the killings. Otherwise, the Romeo and Juliet legend may be reborn in the city. But the fact is, the police authorities seem to have their hands full as of late. Last Saturday, an engineer was shot dead right in the vicinity of his residence in Decca Homes Subdivision in Tugbok. Earlier this month there were killings perpetrated by some unidentified suspects. There were also a number of individuals arrested with two or three killed in drug buy-bust operations in the city.

Lately, many Davao City residents are apprehensively asking the question, “What is happening to our City Mayor?”


The Davao City Council is contemplating on crafting a Green Building Ordinance. For whose benefit is that particular local legislation should it be realized?

Actually we are not against it. But if the planned ordinance is intended to benefit the greater mass of Davaoenos perhaps it should selectively be applied. Say it should be strictly applied on constructing buildings intended to house government offices where a good number of people will be inside to transact business with the government offices housed in the edifice.

Or, perhaps buildings intended to house malls or department stores; residential condominiums where many would be taking units for either temporary or permanent residence.

We are certain that prospective building owners will have to contend with additional investment cost in designing green buildings and this will likely lead them to have second thoughts in investing their money.

On the whole we are looking at the crafters of the proposed ordinance to consider exceptions in its application to avoid it from becoming a major deterrent to prospective property development investors in the city.



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