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ROUGH CUTS | Water outage reasons: our preference

We apologize to our readers. We made a slight mistake in assuming that the reason of the many announcements by the Davao City Water District (DCWD) of water service interruptions is the lack of supply from its many sources including the now operational Bulk Water Supply Project with its partner firm Apo Agua Infrastuctura.

We took some 3 hours reviewing and re-reading the water outage announcements text-blasted over all consumers’ mobiles. And we found out that of late most of the reasons are either power outages in DCWD’s pumping facilities, or leaks and busted water pipes here and there in the whole of Davao City are being fixed.

We were however, correct in our observation that so many announcements of water service interruptions have been occupying sizeable spaces on the screens. What then does it mean? Of course it simply indicates that the pipes allowing distribution of water to the end-users are getting old and its workmanship in the installation are not at par or ready for the huge volume of water that flows into the system.

We have also noted that with the operation of the Bulk Water Supply Project most areas in the second district are now served. But still these areas are included in announcements of service interruptions. So are certain areas in the city proper subjected to water service intermittent stops.

Again the outages are attributed to leaks repair and the likes. And these are happening despite the relief in the volume of water flowing in pipes going downtown from the Dumoy wells because of the entry of the surface water from Apo Agua.

We and other consumers can easily deduce that the existing water pipes in the underground cannot sustain the pressure due to the large water volume going into the pipes.

So what could be the possibilities here? One is that the pipes installed are already very old, of low quality, or that the workmanship of those contracted to install is wanting. So, we recommend that the Board of Directors of DCWD instructs its engineering unit to monitor closely the work of the water firm’s contractors. Or, if those doing the pipe laying and installation are organic employees of DCWD, the firm’s quality control unit should judiciously undertake the workmanship evaluation. If these responsibilities are neglected or simply taken for granted, then the massive announcements of service interruption will continue to dominate the people’s cellular phone screens.

Of course we prefer to have water service interruptions due to leak repairs or pumping plants rehabilitation, than having service outages due to lack of water coming out from designated sources – these be the aquifer or the now river water provider.


It seems this group Mindanao Railway Watchers is very optimistic the multi-billion peso infrastructure project will push through. In its latest post on Facebook the group was even saying the first phase of the railway project is now started with the final acquisition of right-of-way for the track alignment.
We hope the group is telling the truth and not trying to give false hope to Mindanaoans who are looking forward to a safe, affordable travel and transport of their merchandise to the market.

But can we believe the group? We do not know really. In fact during a press briefing conducted here in Davao City by no less than Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Jaime Bautista it was learned that the Philippine government through its economic managers, are now scouting for countries who are willing to fund the Mindanao Railway Project. Bautista also said that the negotiation with China to give the Philippines a loan for the purpose is already off for reasons obvious enough.

So, how could have the MR Project Watchers group been certain the Phase 1 of the project is already a GO?

And whatever happen to the other multi-billion peso project – the Samal Island-Davao City (SIDC) Connector Bridge? Has the Supreme Court acted on the case brought by the opposition to the bridge alignment?

Are we looking forward to another 5 years of waiting? “Let us to see” again.


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