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ROUGH CUTS | Unremitted SSS premium

Some time back we read in the papers that the country’s pension agency, the Social Security System (SSS) has estimated a P56 billion unremitted monthly premiums from SSS-member companies.

That is more than thrice the budget of the local government of Davao City. And had the money been remitted to the SSS it would have assured the liquidity of the agency and done away with apprehension that the source of retirees’ monthly pension will eventually dry up.

The non-remittance will also impact negatively on employee members more than the non-remitting companies. In fact the member firms exacting the premiums from the employees could have already used the employees’ share for their own benefits.

But what puzzles us is how come the SSS, despite its knowledge who are the negligent companies, has not done anything concrete to obligate the erring firms to comply with its obligation.
Instead, it is implementing an increase in the monthly premium that the employees and the employers have to pay.

It is our take that tolerating this malpractice will encourage other firms to do the same. After all, non-remitting members can still continue to operate – and deduct the employees’ share in the over-all premium contribution.

Of course we are happy that despite this huge amount of unremitted premium contribution the SSS is still able to adjust upwardly the death benefits of members to as much as P60 thousand.


Law enforcers in Davao City are creating several tracker teams to look for the whereabouts of now fugitive Kingdom of Jesus Christ Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy. So far, the religious leader has continued to elude the trackers who claimed the other day that they have been to all of Quiboloy’s properties where he could have sought refuge from the law.

Should we now be convinced that the Pastor is not just a good preacher but a Houdini in his own right? Imagine with so many tracker teams not one of the groups manages to get any information where the Pastor could be hiding!

Perhaps there could be truth that as appointed son of God, he has the power, in whatever way, to make the eyes of the tracker team members “blind” every time the religious leader could be visible?

Should we be surprised if one day the fugitive Pastor would end up like the character of famous actor Leonardo de Caprio? He played the role of an elusive scammer who duped several persons and companies of millions of dollars. He however ended up used by the government to run after syndicate leaders because of his abilities.

Of course the Pastor’s cases are far different from that of the crimes committed by De Caprio in the film.


We congratulate the athletes representing the Davao City schools during the recently concluded Davao Regional Athletic Association (DAVRAA) meet for their exceptional performance in the various games they participated..

We congratulate as well the coaches and team managers for honing up the athletes to be the best in their game.

The local government of Davao City, too, deserves everybody’s praise for the moral and logistical support. The meet could not have succeeded in arriving at its desired objective without the city government doing its role.


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