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ROUGH CUTS | Thy ‘kingdom’ come; will be ‘gone’…?

Now we are enlightened as to where the phrase “doubting Thomas” comes from.

Yesterday the monsignor who was the celebrant in a mass we attended ably explained about
the earlier refusal of Apostle Thomas to believe that the Christ has risen for the simple reason
that when He first appeared before the apostles he was not around. So he told his fellow
eleven Disciples of Christ that until he sees the wound on the Man’s hands and feet, the huge
wound on the rib case he would not believe on what the other apostles told him that the Christ
has risen.

And on the second time that Christ appeared to His apostles with Thomas around and inside a
heavily-locked room, there was the Man showing His hands, feet and rib cage and asking
Apostle Thomas to put his fingers and hands inside.

Upon seeing the wounds and not complying with the command of Jesus, Thomas kneeled and
asked for forgiveness.

Then Jesus said to Thomas and the rest of the Apostles that “Blessed are those who did not see
but believe…”

In other words for the longest time we were wrong in our innocent assumption that the source
of the phrase “doubting Thomas(es) were modern philosophers. As it turned out yesterday we
have it that the phrase is biblical.

We were mistaken; our biggest mistake. This would only mean that in the past many second
Sundays after resurrection we were probably not listening to the homily or could have been


“Thy kingdom come, thy will be ‘gone’…”

Or so it seems as far as the religious sect headed by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy if he will continue
to evade the law and refuse to present his side in the court. Never mind the contempt rap filed
by the Senate as the legislative body has limited authority to hold one in custody for a much
longer period for refusing to attend hearings.

The court however has the duty to punish any lawbreaker with the appropriate penalty for the
crime or crimes one may have been accused of and later convicted. And the flight of one facing
any charge is an indication of guilt. Hence, the Pastor’s making himself fugitive from the law can
be used by the court to punish him accordingly.

Should that happen what is the future of his Church considering that despite the huge number
of its followers there is no known hierarchy in the “Kingdom’s” leadership?

Will it be like the deterioration and finally the collapse of what could be the modern “Tower of

Who are the Pastor’s legal advisers? They may have suggested that he continues hiding from
the law. For certain these advisers of his could be looking at the scheme as one risky strategy
that may benefit the Pastor in the end.

We are certain that these advisers will not put Pastor Quiboloy in jeopardy. Hence they have to
gamble with what they think could save him from further perdition.

Of course it is another story if the sect leader is fully convinced that as the “appointed Son of
God” his wisdom is beyond comparison to other lesser mortals on earth.


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