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Rough Cuts: This other version of a story

Last Monday we heard radio reports of a man arrested by police authorities after he allegedly evaded a checkpoint. The man, the reports said, had in his vehicle a gun. Thus, his arrest was due to his violation of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) gun ban in addition to his dodging the military/police checkpoint.
He was reportedly brought to court for inquest proceedings Monday afternoon. A source told us the man was allowed bail.
But another source knowledgeable on the life of the arrested person disclosed a different version of the arrest story. The source said the arrest did not happen in a checkpoint or its vicinity. It happened in the residence of the woman who the arrested person had been living with for some time already.
According to the source the man already wants to get out of the live-in relationship because of frequent misunderstanding. The proverbial “last straw that breaks the camel’s back” came during the last week-end.
So, last Monday morning the man decided to make his flight from the house of the woman with his teenage daughter who goes to the residence usually during weekends. But while he was already in a safe distance he remembered he left his hand gun in the house. He decided to go back and upon reaching the house a number of policemen were already waiting for him. The man and his daughter were reportedly ordered to lay flat face on the floor.
How the arresting personnel came there ahead of the man and how his gun came to their hands it was not told by our source in detail.
But the one thing that gave us an idea that the second version could be true is that the woman has a lot of connections in the police and military organizations. She has been reportedly doing business with and for some law enforcement officials.
In other words, the supposed arrest drama could be the ultimate manifestation of the “fury of a woman scorned.”
Of course if the man indeed violated the gun ban, and even if his gun has the proper license he must be prosecuted to the hilt. Our only wish however, is for the arresting officers not to allow themselves as instrument for twisting the law.


Talking of the police we were extremely elated seeing last Monday Davao City Police Office (DCPO) Director Alexander Tagum hands-on in explaining to the need for the public to understand and cooperate in the implementation of security measures imposed in churches.
This after there was strong negative reactions of the public on the order to churchgoers not to bring back packs and clutch bags when going to mass. Director Tagum insisted that while it is inconvenient on the part of the church goers complying with such directive is for the safety and security of the public.
Tagum demonstrated to television reporters how a small clutch bag can be a convenient hiding space for one or even two hand grenades. Hence, if no inspection or opening of bags, backpacks and the like is conducted on individual churchgoers the likelihood is, the Jolo cathedral bombing may happen again in churches located in other areas like Davao City. That would be disastrous, according to the DCPO director.
Frankly, we agree with Director Tagum. Every Filipino must do some sacrifices of their own including doing away with part of their conveniences. We are certain that inspection of bags, backpacks, clutch bags and other container accessories will only take one or two minutes the most.
However, if the church goers would not part with any of their conveniences the best that they can do is not to bring any of those accessories when going to church to attend mass. This way they would not be subjected to inspection.
This could be the most doable compromise that may help save a lot of lives including theirs.


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