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ROUGH CUTS | One way of fooling the public

Residents of Davao City and some municipalities in Davao del Norte should brace themselves for an upcoming flagellation of their pockets and, naturally their psyches as well.

We are referring to the already announced steep increase in the monthly bill of one of many utilities serving them. The hike is likely to take effect in the May-June billing. This will mean the further draining of one’s long-drained pocket.

Just as every important commodity that is needed to survive here comes this increase. It is time people who will be affected by this different kind of tsunami should be bending both their knees and knock the heavens for God’s help.


Recently the police arrested two persons for making fake Identification Cards (IDs) for traffic enforcers. The location of the shop where the two were nabbed is at the Diaz Mall compound along Bolton st., Davao City.

Well, for a long time already the place has been tagged as the nest of several persons with exceptional skills in coming out with fake documents, And in several instances there were already arrests of such persons in that place.

Why are there still “differently-skilled” individuals persisting in practicing their trade in that place despite knowledge that the police authorities are long aware of their existence in the area? Simple. It is because police operations against those known “fakers” are like lights in night establishments that some of them like to while their time – the “siga-palongs.”

In other words the police operation against the “differently-skilled” individuals nesting at the Diaz mall lacks in consistency.


Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth) members may now avail of P8 thousand coverage for those who will be victims of heat stroke at this time when the El Nino-driven heat index is capable of making one’s blood boil.

That is good news indeed. But for anyone to avail of the insurance coverage he or she must first get a heat stroke, possibly by having himself or herself exposed in the sweat-draining heat. And the heat stroke victim has to be taken to the hospital so he/she can be treated as such and acquire the documentary requirements for his or her relative to avail of the P8 thousand coverage.

How would you like that for you to avail of that specific PhilHealth benefit? It is sort of saying, “Have a heat stroke, Philhealth will cover.”


Who were those reported to have bought the rest of the nineteen firearms of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy? From the names mentioned by no less than the Philippine National Police (PNP) spokesperson at the national level, it seems the names of the buyers were also those mentioned as co-accused with the Pastor in the non-bailable cases the religious leader is now facing.

Hence, if the same co-accused have already escaped from police custody then the firearms they have reportedly bought from the Pastor could not anymore be recovered. And if they are still in the police custody then easily the law enforcers could retrieve the guns with not much efforts.

Of course it would a different story if the alleged buyers are not the same persons as the Pastor’s co-accused. But we could not have misheard the police spokesperson when she read the names of the firearms buyers on television.


So the Civil Aeronautics Administration of the Philippines (CAAP) XI has admitted that there is still no budget for the rehabilitation of the F. Bangoy International Airport in Davao City?

How come? As far as we can recall the rehabilitation plan was talked about since several years ago. And if it is true that there is still no budget for the purpose then why has not one of our congressmen endeavored to have it included in the national budget of the appropriate national agency during the years of the Duterte administration and in the national appropriations for the years 2023 and 2024?

And why did the CAAP XI just allowed the rehabilitation talk linger on for months or even years when it knows fully well that the project still has no budget? Is it not one way of fooling the public?


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