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ROUGH CUTS | Let them probe the ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’

So there is a marked decrease in the number of road accidents during the first quarter of this year compared to the same period of last year? The decrease is 37 percent, or translated into plain number it is 966 incidents on the roads compared to the 1,525 during the first quarter of last year.

Well, this is something that we have to congratulate the members of the Davao City’s Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) headed by Lt. Col. Dexter Domingo. He said that this improvement in the reduction of road accidents is due to the unit’s effective enforcement efforts and the continuing awareness program.

We fully agree with the TEU head in his attribution of the success in his unit’s efforts to lessen the number of road accidents. As we said in several of our columns dealing on the city’s traffic situation and the many injurious road incidents, we always harped on the importance of a no nonsense enforcement of traffic rules and regulations. Also, it was, and will always be our take that continuing information, education and communications drive for motorists is a major key to the avoidance of road mishaps.
Yes, with the strict implementation of traffic laws and continuing efforts to educate motorists on their responsibilities on the road it will surely result to the inculcation of discipline among drivers and other road users.

It definitely is common knowledge that discipline plays a major role in anyone’s endeavor in life, more so among motorists. There is no doubt that they are aware of the number of vehicles plying the roads of Davao City. Thus, any move to disregard traffic laws and doing away with the discipline needed for safe driving, will surely lead motorist to perdition.

In other words obeying traffic rules and regulations, as well as keeping discipline in one’s self will be able to save many lives and limbs, not just those of the drivers but those of the passengers and pedestrians as well.

Our congratulations to Lt. Col. Domingo and the entire TEU are in order.


Former President Rodrigo R. Duterte in a press conference posted live on Facebook yesterday broke his silence on the alleged “Gentlemen’s Agreement” between him and President Xi Jinping of China allegedly done verbally between the two. The “barkers” of the administration and the leading critics of the former President, a retired Supreme Court justice one of them, are claiming that the verbal pact was virtually a treason; short of saying that the former President ceded Philippine-claimed islands and islets to China.
According to the former President with all the Cabinet members who joined him in that China trip present, he simply told the Chinese President that he was not going to spoil the first day of his interaction with the Chinese leader by bringing out the subject of the disputed territory in their talk.

This, according to Duterte, he did when Xi manifested that should the Philippines insists on extracting oil resources in the area it could mean trouble. His skipping the issue on the disputed territory therefore is one act of maintaining cordiality in that first time meeting between him and the Chinese leader. And his Cabinet members present can attest to that.

Knowing the former President for long since he was still an Officer-in-Charge Vice Mayor in Davao City we do not have any reason to doubt his statement during the press conference.
But if the “doubting Thomases” of this administration and those who seem to find their “high” lambasting the former President, then let any of the two Houses of Congress conduct its investigation on the supposed “Gentlemen’s Agreement.”

Then let the so-called “Honorable” men and women suffer the ignominy should those “resource persons” who will be called to shed light rebuff them right on the probe itself.


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