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ROUGH CUTS | Is this regional economic growth felt?

So the Davao Region’s economy has grown by 6.7 percent in 2023 making it a new entrant to the country’s elite trillion dollar economies that include the National Capital Region (NCR), Calabarzon, Central Luzon, Central Visayas, and Western Visayas?

And do we have any reason not to believe in the report? After all, this was disclosed by no less than the top executives of the Philippine Statistics Authority) PSA), during a news conference last April 25, 2024.
How soothing to the ears and strongly spirit-lifting the said news. The question however, is how much percent of the region’s population is feeling the positive impact of the economic growth? May be it is worth the PSA Regional office spending some money to conduct a research to find out the percentage of the Davao Region’s population who are feeling blessed of the improved economy.

If such very encouraging economic growth figure is only a product of reportorial genius of some people at the PSA and is not elevating the living standards of the region’s population, then it will only be one that is an unsubstantiated document out to window-dress the prevailing poverty of the people.


As of last Sunday investigators from the Davao City Police office (DCPO) were still continuing their probe on the killing of two people whose bodies were discovered not far apart from each other. One body, that of a woman, was discovered inside a room at the Camella Northpoint Condominium. That of the male victim was seen nearby the same condo building located at the Daang Maharlika leading to Buhangin from J.P. Laurel National Highway in Bajada, Davao City.

But even as the police investigators are still doing the normal process of conducting the probe, many are already trying to have their own theory on the double murder. There are those who are quick in believing the initial police angle that tends to establish the twin killings as “crime of passion.” But there are also those who are skeptical because no one seems to know that deeper romantic relation existed between the two slain victims.

Of course what could have fueled the speculation is that the two were both non-Davao City residents and that they could not have developed instant enemies and stoked hatred from anyone in Davao City.
Well, the police probers may now have to make use (if they haven’t yet) of the recorded shots of any existing closed circuit television cameras and the records at the condominium office to establish who came to occupy the unit and who were those who came to see the unit occupant. In the instant case, the visitor of the woman victim during that particular day when the crimes happened.


Here is one advice we read from a classmate of ours several tears back, and a reaction from one of our teachers back then who managed to outlive a number of her students. The advice from Estrella del Mar:
“Magpakabait na tayo. Hindi nga natin kaya and init sa Earth na nadarama natin ngayon, ‘yon pa kayang init sa impiyerno.”

The reaction from our teacher Mrs. Lolita Lapinid, now in her middle eighties:
“Dapat lang. Perhaps God is preparing us what to expect in hell. If people will only return to God, we still might be saved from His wrath. But it seems Earth is deteriorating.”
Our classmate Estrella’s retort:

“Yes Maam, we are destroying Earth and its inhabitants. Not God’s will but ours. God just allows us to do all these. Now we suffer the consequences.
“Come to think of it, how can we attain world peace when we cannot even have it in ourselves, in our homes, in our communities and nation?

“How can we help Mother Earth when we at times are not even willing to help ourselves?”
Worth our and everybody’s agreement.




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