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ROUGH CUTS | How independent can the Lower House be?

During the last week-end law enforcers arrested three persons in a buy-bust operation that netted over a million pesos worth of illegal drugs in Davao City. Not a single suspect was killed. Possibly there was no attempt on the arrested drug dealers to resist or fight it out with the arresting law enforcers.
Last week-end’s bust was possibly the biggest in just about a month’s haul. Some two weeks back two person alleged to be drug dealers, were shot dead by the authorities after they reportedly fought it out with the arresting lawmen.

Are the recent incidents of drug buy-bust indications that Davao City has lost its illustrious position as a drug-free metropolis? Has the city become vibrant again as a market of the dangerous illegal drugs that it used to be before the elder Duterte’s era as mayor?

Well, it looks that the boldness of the drug traders to foray into the thickly populated city is showing their taking for granted the legacy that the long-time Davao City mayor has left to his children-successors to his position. That is, Davao City is no place for drug traders to ply their illegal merchandise and those who venture into doing it will pay the highest cost – their lives.

May be it is about time for the former President to humble himself and run for Mayor again and re-live his style of dealing with the illegal drugs merchants. By then he may be able to fine-tune his strategies especially in the light of the unwanted intervention of the so-called so-called human rights advocates now getting bolder after having “hoodwinked” the International Criminal Court (ICC) into believing their tales that are more imagined than real.


Some two or over years back the United States government banned the sale or use of the technology behind the globally popular Chinese-made mobile phone – the Huawei.
The reason stated is that the technology in that cellular communication equipment is potentially capable of spying on the United States.

That US government’s move was certainly devastating to China’s export market, specifically for its technology-driven communications equipment. China however, has its way to retaliate in perhaps a more devastating manner. The Chinese government upon recommendation of its Chinese Central Committee for Food Quality has banned the sale of America’s leading soft drinks products in the whole of China.
The Chinese government claimed that its decision to ban the leading US soft drinks products is based on scientific research and not just on mere assumption. According to the China Central Committee for Food Quality the soft drinks content is labelled by the committee as “sewer cleaner.”

The ban, without doubt, is a huge dent on the US markets for its soft drinks products. And the ban and counter ban is already like a war fought without using deadly weapons.

But certainly, the biggest losers in this kind of conflict are the economies of the two countries. And it is not far-fetch that in trying to deter further economic devastation the two countries might use even more devastating and deadly means to settle their score. That is, going into a shooting war.
People in the international community can only pray that the US and China will not go that far in settling their economic issues for the survival of humanity.


Have you heard of such un-endearing Visayan term “Kuyogbaby?” It looks as if the term is now more fitting for the Speaker of the House, Congressman Martin Romualdez. In all the travels of the President within the country or outside of the Philippines, the Speaker is always by the President’s side. In fact he is even more conspicuous than the President’s Special Assistant Anton Lagdameo.

We do not know if Romualdez is invited to join the President every time he (PBBM) goes on official visit to other countries, or if he invites himself.

We can only wonder how the House of Representatives, the other component of the supposed independent branch from the Executive and Judicial branches of government, can claim that it is such when the house leader is always clinging to the head of the Executive branch like a leech.


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