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ROUGH CUTS | Hope this will not be the ‘new normal’

How true is the report that the main perpetrator of that heinous crime committed in Davao City shortly before the middle of last year is himself a law enforcer? The suspect was reportedly arrested just recently.

How come his identity and his affiliation have never been publicized? We can only assume two things. First the law men who did the sleuthing after the commission of the crime and just recently made the arrest were out to protect their peer. Second is that, they tried their best to insulate their organization or agency from shame caused by the criminal activity by one of their own.

What a travesty. Imagine the very person who is one to carry his organization to its highest esteem is the one dragging it down to the deepest pit of perdition!


We hope the present brand of water service our barangay and its neighboring villages in Tugbok District is not the “new normal.”

Yes, we are referring to the experience that households in our area have since April 24, 2024 up to the other day have. As of the writing of this piece we were still in the thick of waiting what was in store for us in terms of water availability for the rest of that day, Tuesday, May 21..

The water service interruption on a daily basis starting from as early as 6 to 7 in the morning until late in the evening started on that 24th day of April. It lasted until May 6 or thirteen days to be exact. Then the normal water service was restored on the 7th of May although the water that came out from our faucets was murky. The “normal service” went on for the next two days but back to the waterless daytime soon after. The past four days until last Monday were again dry days for residents in our barangay.

Of course we were not totally waterless as we have to sacrifice having sleepless nights just to make sure that we can store as much water as our limited storage containers can accommodate.

We and other residents in the areas affected by the loss of water supply coming from either the Riverside Water System or the Talandang Water System are wondering aloud whose facilities have conked out or whose pipelines are busted. Are the damaged facilities belonging to the Davao City Water District (DCWD), or those of Apo Agua Infrastructura, the partner of the water firm that is delivering bulk water supply to the reservoirs of the former?

What is clear however, is that the long hoped for much improved and quality water service delivery to the consumers once the partnership project of the two entities is operational is still far from attained.
But we are already paying the rate that was imposed by the water agency and approved by the supposedly appropriate regulating agency because the water district has to pay the project cost.


According to the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) ninety nine individuals were arrested for various crimes in just a week of operation. Among those arrested were drug dealers and pushers, illegal gamblers, those who were possessing loose firearms, and those considered most wanted persons in the city.

Well, we hope that in due time the police can make it to the 100th figure. Unfortunately, the last one could be the most elusive either because of his Houdini-like ability, or because of his having acquired the most effective shields than man can have – influence.


The other day then Senate President Sen. Miguel Zubiri stepped down as the Chamber’s head. He was replaced by now Senate President Sen. Chizz Escudero.

From the series of interviews on Zubiri it was clear he was insinuating that he is a victim of the ongoing political discord between former President Rodrigo Duterte and incumbent President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. In fact he seemed to focus on the ongoing Senate investigation of the alleged “PDEA leak” being conducted by the Committee headed by Sen. Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa as the immediate cause of his downfall.

According to him his having allowed the conduct of the probe was his way of manifesting the independence of the Senate and not to favor any of the parties involved in the investigation or of the alleged leak.

Now he is back to just simple Senator of the Republic and would have to wait if the new Senate leadership will give him chairmanship of certain committees. What will Zubiri be mouthing in the next few days and with whom he would be lovey-dovey with among his Senate colleagues will determine where his sympathy is tilted.



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