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ROUGH CUTS | Does the CTTMO have what it takes?

So the term of Police Gen. Banjamin Acorda, Jr. as chief of the over 200 thousand strong Philippine National Police (PNP) has been extended until March 2024 by President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.?

Somehow there was not much talk about it in the media and even in the police organization itself. In fact we were closely monitoring news from the National Capital Region about the possibility of the change of command. But we were unable to hear or read one. So we find ways to contact our friends in the PNP and it was only the other day that we learned of the 3-month extension of General Acorda’s term.

The move of the President terminates the chances of the man second in the hierarchy of the PNP, Lt. General Rodel Sermonia whose compulsory age of retirement comes in February of next year. But it also lifts the chances of Davaoeno General John Michael Dubria who is 3rd in the PNP hierarchy. Of course if given the chance by the President it will shorten Dubria’s term to barely nine months since he will be 56 in December of 2024.

Though nine months is too short for a good man in office, it is also more than enough to execute some significant reforms in the PNP as well as establish the foundation of the programs that a good man thinks are necessary to change for the better the tarnished image of the police organization brought about by some criminal activities of a few members of the force.

But again, that is assuming that President BBM will make good his promise of a united Philippines and Filipinos. His appointment of a Mindanaoan Police General to head the PNP, more specifically Lt. Gen. Dubria, could be his manifestation that he really wants to make good his promise.

Will BBM do it? We can only hope he will and let the Mindanaoans feel that they are not “outcasts” in so far as including some of the capable men and women from the island in his governance team.
And appointing General Dubria to the top post in the PNP could be a good start.


The City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) in Davao City vows to strictly implement the vehicle speed limit ordinance in city roads.

Now it is one clear admission that in the past years the agency was not implementing the ordinance to the letter. As per the office’s commitment that it will enforce the local law in its strictest manner in 2024, the question is, “Does it have what it takes to make good its mantra?”

We mean, has the CTTMO the manpower needed to cover every road that is normally the ones where the undisciplined drivers do their thing – running on speeds way faster than what is allowed under the law; the availability of speed guns that are needed to measure the speed of motor vehicles plying the city streets corresponding to the number of traffic enforcers’ teams that could be fielded, assuming that there are enough?

Honestly, we feel that only by having at least these two necessary elements needed to make good the commitment of the CTTMO, can the mantra of the agency headed by our idol retired community relations man of the City Police Office Col. Dionisio Abude succeed.


So there are two condominium buildings and a shopping mall given “yellow tag” by the City Building Office after its men inspected the structures because of the two relatively strong successive earthquakes that hit Davao City?

In so doing the structures are effectively considered under the Category of “in restrictive use.” What does it mean – that occupants of the condos can continue to live in their units; that people are still allowed to do their shopping and gallivanting inside the mall with “yellow tag”?

To what extent is the restriction? Is it in numbers of occupants of the condominium units, the units allowed for continues occupation, and number of persons allowed to go inside the malls?

We believe the City Building Office has the moral obligation to clarify what it means by “in restrictive use” and if possible conduct a sustained information and communications drive for a period of time especially with regards to the mall as this establishment is normally visited by a good number of people every day.

One good start though is the courage of the CBO top brass to identify the buildings with “yellow tag.” It can help prevent serious eventualities should another strong intensity temblor occur.


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