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ROUGH CUTS | Another SITG is created

Here they are again. If sensational crimes are committed with person belonging to higher strata of society either in wealth, position or profession, a special investigation task group (SITG) is immediately organized to make sure the attention of law enforcers are focused on the fast solution of the crime.
But if it is the ordinary man on the street or just one among the literally unknown in society, the victim and the crime committed against the person just become addition to the statistics in criminality.
And since the latest attack against a member of society had its victim a former mayor of Cateel, Davao Oriental the law enforcers are lightning quick to form an SITG. Of course we cannot blame the police if they will do so considering that the killing of the former Cateel mayor was committed in a populous area in Buhangin, Davao City not far from its regional headquarters and in broad daylight. Besides, our civilian and police officials have for long been basking on the assumption that Davao City is one that has not been tainted with serious crimes happening.

Suddenly in just a matter of over a year, crimes of passion and fit of anger, and even lustful intentions suddenly dominate news headlines. The persons involved either as victims or suspects are also with enviable status in society.

Perhaps, as a matter of redeeming hurt pride as guardians of Davao City’s peace and order, the law enforcers have resorted to ensuring that the said sensational crimes are given the utmost focus in the investigation process so that solution will be attained in the fastest time. They have devised the SITG.
But what about the crimes committed against the ordinary persons? As we have said earlier the crimes against them just add up to the statistics. And it is only when the victims or their families get the guts to seek assistance to public affairs programs like the one hosted by Sen. Raffy Tulfo that the police and other law enforcing bodies get jolted into action.

Look at what happened to the lady house help of a police major who went missing for almost four months now. Had not the family of the victim sought the help of Tulfo’s program we doubt if the disappearance would even come to the public’s knowledge.

And in the case of the woman-model who was slain allegedly on orders of a ranking Army official, her case would not have been given the utmost attention of law enforcers had not the Davao media been very vigilant about it. But still both the Army where the alleged mastermind is an officer, and the courts where the criminal cases have been filed are still silent as to making statements on the progress of the Court Martial and judicial proceedings. We wonder if it is about time that the Regional Trial Courts (RTCs) and the Municipal or City Trial Courts designate a spokesman to initiate regular press conferences to update the people through the media of the status of sensational cases. They should not rely on the lawyers or parties involved to give the updates as they might have their own agenda for such purpose.

Is not transparency that the government is supposed to practice along with accountability so our leaders can earn the trust of the people? The courts to be transparent subject to legal limitations might just be the most appropriate agencies to take the lead in the practice of transparency.

Back to organizing SITGs, we have this notion that it is one subtle “discriminatory” way of law enforcers in handling crime investigation. When crimes are committed against or by well-known or influential individuals, the probe is focused to the maximum. But when the victims are no body in society their cases get the “shrug of the shoulder” attitude of our law enforcers. There will be no talk of SITG formation;- not even a whimper.


Congratulations to the University of Mindanao (UM) for placing No. 12 among the top 20 schools with the most number of board passers in the latest Civil Engineering Licensure examination.

This is one feat that cannot just be achieved if the school administration is not supportive of their students in terms of providing the best learning facilities and teaching staff inside the institution. And we know that the University of Mindanao under the Presidency of Guillermo “Willy” Torres, Jr. has invested so much for the purpose.

We can only wish for the university to continue rising in the ladder.


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