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RANDOM THOUGHTS | Yes to modified democracy

“I know there is an argument that democracy is a privilege belonging to wealthy countries, and that developing economies must put economic growth first and worry about democracy later. But that’s not the lesson of history. Over the long run, you can’t have effective economic liberalization without political liberalization. The United States will stand up for democracy and universal human rights, even when it might be easier or more profitable to look the other
way, to keep the resources flowing. Not every partner makes those choices, but we do and will do.”
Hillary Rodham Clinton, “HARD CHOICES”, 2014


On December 19, 2021, our Pope Francis criticized “Liberal Approaches” in his book titled “FRATELLI TUTTI on Fraternity and Social Friendship, 2020.”

He stressed: “The concept of a ‘people’ which naturally entails a positive view of community and cultural bond, is usually rejected by individualistic liberal approaches, which view society as merely the sum of coexisting interests. “ Qne speaks of respect for freedom, but without roots in a shared narrative; in certain contexts, those who defend the rights of the most vulnerable members of society tend to be criticized as populist. The nation of a people is considered an abstract construct, something that does not really exist. But this is to create a needless dichotomy. Neither the notion of ‘people’ not that of ‘neighbor’ can be considered purely abstract or romantic, in such a way that social organization, science and civic institutions can be rejected or treated with contempt.”

Clearly, Pope Francis is pointing out some social inadequacies or limits of the “Liberal Approaches” in the promotion of global fraternity or friendships.

Pope Francis followed up: “The development of a global community of fraternity based on the practice of social friendships on the part of peoples and nations calls for a better kind of politics, one truly at the service of the common good. Sadly, politics today often takes forms that hinder progress toward a different world.”

See what I mean? Undoubtedly, the deficiencies of Democracy which is based on “Liberalism” badly needs reinventing or reforming to be more responsive to the requirements of a rapidly globalizing world, rising pandemic era, widespread ecological degradation and challenging Industrial Revolution period. These are global problems demanding global solutions.

After concisely pointing out the problem, Pope Francis proposes the solution:

“Charity, on the other hand, unites both dimensions — the abstract and the institutional — since it calls for an effective process of historical change that embraces everything: institutions, law, technology, experience, professional expertise, scientific analysis, administrative procedures, and so forth. For that matter, ‘private’ life cannot exist unless it is protected by public order. A domestic hearth has no real warmth unless it is safeguarded by law, by a state of tranquility founded on law, and enjoys a minimum of wellbeing ensured by the division of labor, commercial exchange, social justice and political citizenship”. Charity is synonymous to love. As I’ve written previously, “good politics turn love to real public service or authentic reform.” Hence, when we talk of “Charity” for social action, a new and better kind of politics become imperative.

Pope Francis asked: “Can our world function without politics? Can there be an effective process of growth toward universal fraternity and social peace without sound political life.?” Of course the correct answers to both queries are “BIG Nos!”

Sound Politics is an honorable profession and a valuable aspect of human life.
Unfortunately, in the Philippines our unscrupulous politicians and their cohorts turned it to a destructive force resulting to highly personalized and patronage politics that haunts our people and nation. Sad to say, a great majority of our people are “comfortable in ignorance” while leaders of our various institutions are” deafeningly silent” on this nagging issue. Awake Filipinos awake in your slumber and confront this ghost of bad politics that breeds dehumanizing poverty and other social sins.

Back to Pope Francis. He wrote about the exercise of “Political Love”:

“Recognizing that all people are brothers and sisters, and seeking forms of social friendship that include everyone, is not merely utopian. It demands a decisive commitment to devising effective means to this end. Any effort along these lines becomes a noble exercise of charity whereas individuals can help others in need, when they join together in initiating social processes of fraternity and justice for all, they enter the field of charity at its most vast, namely political charity. This entails working for a social and political order whose soul is social charity. One more, I appeal for a renewed appreciation of ‘politics as a ‘lofty vocation and one of the highest forms of charity, inasmuch as it seeks the common good.”

Our Davao-based “Kilos Pederal sa Pagbabago” (KPP) Movement whose members are called “Servants of the Nation” take their cue from Pope Francis and wittingly adopt “Politics of Love” as their new advocacy. Fully aware of our Catholic Church’s concept of “Church of the Poor”, KPP decided to relate and complement this new and better kind of Politics to the “Church of the Poor” by renaming Pope France’s “Politics” of Love” to “Politics of the Poor”. KPP rejected “Fascism” and “Communism”. KPP decided to marry the best of “Socialism” with the best of “Liberalism” resulting to “Reinvented Liberalism”. Ultimately, KPP rechristened Pope Francis! “Politics of Love” to “Modified Democracy in its implementation stage”

In this connection, the forthcoming Booklet of KPP titled “SEEDS OF PEACE” is about KPP’s prescription of “Real Social Transformation” (RST) and “Modified Democracy”. KPP plans to present this to our new President in 2022 for his/her consideration and, hopefully, adoption. Time is ripe now for authentic Political Reform in our troubled and divided nation. May God help us in this noble but challenging endeavor.


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