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Plain and Simple: Bus for Grande

It was the best news I’ve heard.
The son of our laundry woman reported to me that the Mindanao Star aircon bus had a maiden trip the other day in our barangay Catalunan Grande. It was a whiff of fresh air for me and the people of Catalunan Grande.

It’s so sad and so unfortunate to see passengers queuing for jeepneys at the terminal of Catalunan. What a disappointing sight! For a progressive city like Davao, it is so unfortunate to see a scene like this – commuters waiting disappointingly for their ride.
With the entrance of Mindanao Star to our barangay to fetch passengers to their destinations, the scene of people waiting will now be over. And our dream for a safe and comfortable ride is now real in Davao.
This means so many things to our city and its people especially from Catalunan Grande.
This means a safe and comfortable ride for our passengers who for years have been captive of those dilapidated jerpneys.
This means reduction of stress which will help commuters reporting to their respective schools and offices. It means productivity enhanced.
It means savings as those who take the expensive taxi will now take the bus. From Skyline to Ateneo Roxas with traffic is 300 pesos. Very expensive. But you take the bus you pay only 20 pesos. Huge savings for the family.
This means high purchasing power of families. Davao’s economy will be more vibrant with a bus transport system. This means reduction of traffic which paralyzes the city. The losses are high with those dilapidated jeepneys and multicabs. In the first place government should not allow multicabs to be a public ride.
I was told 10 more buses will ply their Catalunan Grande route. I really am for it. So many bests will come out with this. Malaysia’s economy booms because of the bus transit. Let us do it in Davao.
Davao City should include buses for Binugao, Toril. For Lasang, in Bunawan. In Sasa via Jerome. In short, a bus transport system for Davao.
We can ease the traffic. We can save lives by removing old dilapidated jeepneys which many said are coffins on the roads. And we get rid of those uso uso drivers who could care less.
But I still have to take my first bus ride from Skyline to downtown. Sooooon.


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