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MY ART THOUGHTS | The Twinning Of Patience And Persistence

Every now and then, my mind takes a detour, and the ten-year journey of being a full-time artist comes crashing into my thoughts. Memories, predominantly of struggles and victories, flash through my mind, creating a complex mix of emotions. Reflecting on how we navigated the challenging life of an artist prompts me to articulate its difficulty. Despite possessing extensive experience in sales, I find selling artwork far more demanding than selling houses or cars. Perhaps it’s because art isn’;t deemed an urgent necessity like food, clothing, shelter, or cellphone load. Not everyone prioritizes having artwork in their homes or offices; they’d rather invest in luxury items like designer bags or the latest mobile phones.

So, what propels me forward despite the inherent challenges and hardships of the artists life? Upon reflection, it becomes evident that my unwavering commitment to my purpose plays a crucial role. With a crystal-clear realization that being a visual artist aligns with my essence, I foster the virtues of patience and persistence in all my endeavors. I acknowledge that the difficulties and hardships are transient, like passing storms. Ever encountered a storm that

lasted for a month or a year? I know beforehand! Prior to fully committing to the arts, I foresaw the grueling and occasionally exasperating path ahead. Armed with this awareness, I remain patient to stay on course. I also recognize that plans may falter, and things won’t always align according to the plan, demanding persistent effort to bring them to fulfillment. As the saying goes, “The river does not cut through rocks because of power but because of persistence”tering one’s artwork to a level of confidence or refining the process of marketing and selling your artwork demands unwavering patience and persistence. Lack of these virtues often leads to surrender.

Success, I’ve learned, cannot be rushed. Those who hastily pursue success resort to shortcut methods that often result in ruin. They may employ tactics at others expense and become impatient and irritable when things don’t unfold at lightning speed. The toll of rushing success may even manifest in premature aging. The wisdom lies in patiently and persistently navigating the path toward success, avoiding shortcuts that compromise our integrity and well-being.


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