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MY ART THOUGHTS | The importance of fresh art exhibits

Why do we mount art exhibits? To show the world our artworks, our message, our story. It’s the same with solo exhibits; we want to showcase our new works, our evolving message, our unfolding story. But what happens when we recycle our works, displaying them over and over again?

There’s no rule against re-exhibiting artworks. In fact, masterpieces are displayed repeatedly in different countries. But here’s the thing: we’re not yet masters. We need to present fresh, new ideas every time we join group shows, and especially in our solo exhibitions. Every exhibit has a different theme, and your previous works might not fit. Even if it’s an open-themed show, viewers might think the artist isn’t serious about their craft if they keep showing the same old pieces. Or worse, they might think the artist is lazy.

As a curator, I understand why works are re-exhibited. Sometimes, a piece fits perfectly with the new theme, or it can make a strong impact on the show. If the exhibit is in a different region or city where people haven’t seen your work, it makes sense. If a curator accepts a re-exhibited work, it’s their call.

They and the artist may face any negative feedback. But in top-tier, world-class art exhibits, curators are stricter. They prefer fresh, new works that fit the theme and have never been exhibited before—unless it’s a masterpiece that has stood the test of time.

As the saying goes, no one puts new wine into old wineskins; it will burst. Unless, of course, the wineskin is made of dinosaur skin!


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