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MY ART THOUGHTS | The Art Of Selling Stories

We have been engaged in art dealing for six years now under Bintana Art Gallery. In our experience selling an artwork is no different from marketing and selling any other product—it’s fundamentally about constructing a compelling narrative. Most of our local artists here in Davao City are themselves selling their own artworks without the help of art galleries or art dealers. Due probably for the reason that there are only a handful of registered art gallery or art dealer that can represent them.

Nonetheless, if the artist intends to personally sell its work it is paramount that the artist should also be a good salesperson, the ability to narrate the story behind the work, whether it’s a tale of love or tragedy. Every painting encapsulates a narrative, a message that transcends its style, be it abstract, realistic, or surrealistic. This narrative serves as a connection point for the audience.

In the realm of the arts, emotions play a pivotal role in the decision-making process for potential buyers. The choice to purchase a piece of art is seldom solely utilitarian; rather, it stems from a deep emotional resonance. This connection emerges when the buyer delves into the story behind the artwork.

Consequently, being an artist necessitates mastering the art of storytelling.

All artists are, in essence, storytellers—sometimes unknowingly. This is evident in the titles we affix to our artworks, as they encapsulate a story. The inspiration behind the subject matter is a story in itself, and the creative process adds yet another layer. The emotions experienced during the composition, the passion embedded in each brushstroke or pen stroke, the challenge of selecting the perfect colors, and the culmination in the act of signing the canvas—all contribute to the narrative. When the piece is finally completed, it becomes a visual conclusion, a story not confined to a book but expressed on paper or canvas. Now, it awaits an audience eager to listen to your story.


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