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MY ART THOUGHTS | Redefining Success

Many individuals discuss and aspire to achieve success, yet the definition of success varies from person to person. Is it synonymous with amassing wealth, owning a grand residence, or securing a prestigious career? Success, in essence, is a subjective concept.

Dr. Myles Munroe, a highly renowned pastor and motivational speaker, presents an alternative perspective on success by drawing an analogy between fish and birds. Fish don’t endeavor to learn how to swim; they simply swim. Similarly, birds don’t attend flying school to master flight; they instinctively soar. Munroe contends that success is not something pursued; rather, it is the realization of one’s inherent purpose. Every individual is born with a unique purpose and talent, irrespective of their status in life. This purpose is ingrained in us from birth, evident in the dreams and aspirations we harbor as children.

According to Picasso, the essence of life is to uncover one’s purpose, and the purpose of life is to share it with others. We are all artists, but the challenge lies in sustaining our artistic inclinations as we mature.
Analogously, a paintbrush or a tube of paint achieves success only when utilized to create artwork, be it extraordinary or otherwise. Similarly, an individual cannot be deemed successful until they fulfill their intended purpose on this planet. Pursuing a career that brings financial success or promotions, while neglecting one’s true calling, is ultimately a failure. The tragedy lies in succeeding in a field for which one is not destined. Regardless of material gains, a void persists within if one does not align with their true purpose.

Deep spiritual fulfillment, rather than material acquisitions, is essential for contentment. Until we become what we are meant to be, we will grapple with an unfulfilled yearning. Thus, moments of meditation and soul-searching are imperative to discern and embrace our authentic life purpose.


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