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MY ART THOUGHTS  | Law Of Averages

Unless one has no intention of selling their artwork, it’s crucial not to expect an immediate sale when creating a piece of art. In our world of art, where desire, not necessity, fuels transactions, artworks don’t move as swiftly as grocery items on a gallery shelf or when sold independently. While some artists have exclusive contracts with galleries or enjoy fame that results in pre-sold pieces, such cases are rare, leaving the majority of us patiently waiting for someone to even take notice.

However, this waiting game should not slow us down in our artistic endeavors. On the contrary, it emphasizes the importance of prolifically producing high-quality pieces. When a potential buyer of our artwork arrives, we must present them with a diverse body of work to choose from. While purchasing decisions are emotionally driven, revealing only one or two pieces may not elicit the desired response, unless you are Pablo Picasso whose artworks are highly coveted by rich art collectors. But for us not so famous artists, quantity matters, and this is where the law of averages comes into play.

In the world of baseball, not every swing results in a home run; there are more misses than hits.

Translating this to selling artworks, achieving a 10% batting average means selling one painting for every ten created. So, if the goal is to sell 100 paintings in a year, the focus should be on creating at least 1,000 paintings. Alternatively, improving the batting average to 20% means only 500 paintings are needed to reach the same sales target.

While this equation of averages isn’t a perfect formula, it provides a clear understanding of the effort required to meet our goals. It emphasizes the need for continuous improvement in both the quality of our work and our marketing and selling skills. Investing time in further study and enhancing social skills through networking can potentially elevate our batting average, increasing the likelihood of success in the competitive world of art sales. Again let me emphasize, only if the artists intend to sell and monetize their artworks.


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