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The song ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ might as well be on everyone’s playlist, if not as soundtrack because it just seems that there is no end to our specie’s dissatisfaction. Whether it be in the realm of political, religious, social or any other forum, it’s always certain that there will be a dissenting voice lagging behind.

Since I was a young boy, the first thing I noticed was, while it appeared natural that there be a succession and parade of local leaders, with each new one who assumed their term, there’s always a opposite side made up of dissatisfied people whose sole aim is to criticize them and seek their ouster. In the same manner, I noticed through the years, it seems there was an ongoing competition on who had the better deity, with many groups forming their own separate religious sects that are tailored to their own interpretations
On a lighter note, I remember an observation made long ago by a friend, why do some people with straight hair desire curly locks, while at the same time, those with curls want theirs done straight? Then one wonders further, is the continually-shifting trends in fashion, with younger folks at the lead, also directly traceable to our seemingly boundless discontent?

Of course there are professionals who insist (while backed up by tons of studies) this feeling of discontent in all of us are nothing but motivating factors which drive us, not only to survive as a race, but also for us to strive to be better. Likewise, there are some psychology reads that even go at length to say that this is part of our nature as humans is to believe deep down, we are not good enough.

It’s only unfortunate, it’s this incapability to be sated that has become the entry point for others to take advantage of us. In the 50s for example, one effective come-on at promoting the American dream, was the usage of the tag “keeping up with the Joneses.” In another revelation, it had come to light that the ideal combination of milk, eggs and bacon for a complete breakfast had likewise been formulated by the US so that would create formidable support for their respective industries.

Taking all these in, with already so many generations that have passed, it leaves little doubt that there might be much change up ahead in altering our perspectives. We’ve also to consider, the tactics which had long taken advantage of our weakness, have not only become more sophisticated, but are now finely-molded down to pure science. Thus, the mass delusion that out yonder is always a much greener landscape continues on. At the cost of not knowing where we stand.


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