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How I wish it were that simple. Poring through threads of comments on social media, related to any a news item (sports articles to be exact) can indeed be a daunting, if not jolting experience. For one, one will notice right away that the common reaction from people whenever something unpleasant happens is one of “I-told-you-so”. By today’s standards, that might already qualify as almost trolling: that direct affront often mixed with a constant outpouring of overbearing, lofty judgements which, just below the surface, hint that one may have a slightly more advanced level of critical thinking than the rest. More surprising, while with some, it’s almost like a knee-jerk reaction, with others, there is an air of pretense that says it is never intended in the first place. This one usually starts with “I don’t want to say ‘I told you so’, but…”

Anyway, inasmuch as I’m never surprised anymore by what we, Dopamine-starved slaves to digital tech, are generally capable of, it’s still amazing how, ever so often, side comments in full display on social media, give one a clear idea what dark thoughts dwell in people’s minds. I have had a close friend tell me once, quit it already, find something else to do. Spend lesser time on reading what people rant about on social media. But I say, that’s where the fun’s at. That’s where social behavior is conveniently in a tube and it’s all in the least entertaining. Stare into the abyss…

There was a wise man of old who said, the man who blames others has very far in his journey to go. The man who blames himself is halfway there. The man who blames no one has already arrived. Gleaning from this, it’s all about journey and blaming then. Kidding aside, in one common thread, no doubt, whether we deny it or not, ours has always been a culture of blame. It could be our insecurities and anxieties have made us that way; conveniently looking around for someone to point our fingers at. Had we been born with claws; the sale of scratching posts might indeed prove to be good business.

However, there are some who say this is a matter of survival; naturally being fearful and therefore judgmental of others or things unknown. If this were so, then going back to all the trash-talking going on, one would conclude that our culture of blame is actually one that is borne more out of fear than mere finger pointing.

But, just as I said, I wish it were that simple.



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