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HONORING MY MOTHER | Human imperfection at its finest

WHAT IS happening in Gaza at the present time in a nutshell, is by far the most accurate barometer yet of where we really are as the human race. All over, the proverbial fence is practically full and brimming with sitters. It is not so much that the silence of people is disturbing. Worst, even with any means of measure, gauge, or standard available, this silence is nothing but downright shameful.

For some so far away from ground zero, the ongoing onslaught at the Gaza strip is only relatable, if not equitable to a few minor discomforts. Many argue that it would eventually affect the price of gasoline or bring about more limitations in travel. The prices of goods may also be affected, some say, and that’s as far as it goes.

For both those who know less of the issues involved and those who choose to not go beyond the blanket excuse that it’s either a political and/or a religious matter, that standpoint is tantamount to refusing to accept that in real-time, the magnitude of the ongoing massacre of children at Gaza by Israel is a reality. A damning reality that cannot be swept under the rug of neither politics nor religion, no matter how one looks at it.

If one watches the news, most of the most powerful nations appear to favor Israel’s policy of the continuous bombing of Gaza and one can only wonder what their agenda is. With regard to the killing of civilians, the president of the European Commission has merely gone as far as to ask Israel to be selective in its bombing and avoid civilian casualties, if possible. 

The pope on the other hand, despite recognizing Palestine as a state in February 2013 and signing a comprehensive agreement between the Vatican and the Palestinian state in June 2015, has not made strong statements against Israel either. Instead, he has only implored for more humanitarian efforts to aid the victims and pleaded for a ceasefire in hostilities. After all, it’s not in the nature of a holy man to condemn one for their action, is it not?

For those below the level of these corridors of state and church power, one’s stance on this ongoing tragedy goes even beyond name-calling. Truth is, while many have been branded anti-Semitist and worse, red-tagged for siding with the terrorists’ slash enemies of Israel, there is just no excuse for the slaughter of children. 

There’s a 67 tune that goes, “Something’s happening here. What it is, ain’t exactly clear. There’s a man with a gun with a gun over there, telling me I’ve got to beware…Stop, hey, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down…”  

Even then, that song, titled For What It’s Worth, isn’t even filled with a call for action, just a meek observation of what’s to see. That is where we are.


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