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Honoring my Mother: Doting Dad in all of us

Happy. Today, our youngest son received his fourth consecutive academic certificate of merit in his four years at uni and I am overcome with an unadulterated daddy pride. Of course, it’s not that big a deal for most people, who have had greater things happening for them, but you just have to excuse me; at this stage in my 64 years, blessings come my way come in all packages. (The operative word here is “my”, so chill.)
When he was just starting school, my partner and I had agreed that we would not pressure him in any way when it came to academics. Our principle revolved around him fighting his own battles, learning from them, and exploring whatever caught his fancy.
And so it was, when during his primary and high school years, he just flew under the radar (not here, not there), we just coolly said fine. For me, an occasional ninth or tenth honor meant top ten still, and he wasn’t even seriously in to it, being busy on Yu-gi-oh cards, Bionicle robot figures and fantasy books.
Then come first year at university, his sort of eureka moment tumbled along when he suddenly exclaimed from out of the blue how joyful it was to be on the Dean’s List because his friends were there too. That might have been a weird incentive to study, but I was taking it. The rest is his story.
As his name was called during the recognition ceremony earlier this afternoon, we were the only mom and dad pair who were present to accompany their child up the stage. Earlier, the guest speaker had mentioned that all parents are naturally proud of their children’s accomplishments. Our short trio stint on the stage was proof of that.
For someone who had played on stage for more than half his life, this was the only time i was really proud to be on one.
Dote dote dote. Doting fathers of the world, unite!


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