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FORTY-SOMETHING FIRST-TIME MOM | Of Mom Jeans and Granny Panties

A COUPLE of weeks ago, I turned a year older, and of course, Facebook showed me some memories of my previous celebrations from 10 and even 20 years ago. While nostalgia is fun, realizing my evolution, or should I say, devolution from sexy fashionista music channel producer to a stressed-out forty-something first-time mom slash development worker is quite unnerving. How did I unravel like this?

Well, in the grand symphony of life, we moms are the unsung conductors, orchestrating chaos into harmony and turning laundry into a masterpiece of stain removal. We are the ultimate multi-taskers, the queens of mac ‘n’ cheese, and the undisputed champions of bedtime stories. But amidst all the diaper changes, homework, and all other extra-curricular activities, there’s one thing that often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list: self-care.

We’re talking about the sartorial choices that scream “I’ve completely forgotten about myself!” Enter –the legendary Mom Jeans and Granny Panties. While these fashion statements might not win any awards on the runway, moms like me simply cannot live without them now.

First, let’s talk about the Mom Jeans. They are the superheroes of the fashion world. With their high-waist design and roomy fit, they’re a mom’s best friend when it comes to accommodating the muffin top that often accompanies motherhood. These jeans are so practical that you can forget about needing to suck in your post-pregnancy belly. They welcome it with open arms, or should we say, open waistbands.

But what truly makes Mom Jeans special is their ability to tell a story. Each saggy pocket and faded wash holds a memory – a spill during breakfast, a mud puddle while hailing a cab or jeepney under the rain to bring our little ones to school, or simply some acrylic paint from helping our kids make their homework. These jeans have witnessed it all, and we wear those stains and tears like badges of honor. We say, “I may not be stylish, but I am a mom, and I rock at it.”

Now, onto the Granny Panties – those cottony comrades that defy gravity and provide unparalleled coverage. These underwear are the unsung heroes of postpartum recovery and everyday life. They don’t demand your attention with lace and frills; instead, they quietly offer you support both physically and emotionally. They are the comforting embrace that tells you, “You’re doing great, mom!”

Granny Panties also serve as a practical reminder that we’ve got more important things to worry about than the perfect Instagram-worthy lingerie. They are like a secret handshake among moms, a silent understanding that comfort trumps all when we’re running on three hours of sleep and a reheated cup of coffee.

But here’s the heartwarming twist in all of this: Behind every pair of mom jeans and granny panties is a mother like me, who wouldn’t trade a moment of her messy, chaotic, selfless life for anything else in the world. These fashion choices are not about neglecting one’s self; they’re about prioritizing the needs of our children while still finding joy in the simplest comforts.

So, the next time you see us moms rocking mom jeans and granny panties, with a pair of crocs, give us a high five and a wink! These days, I can’t even find the time to wear my favorite pair of earrings or even a watch. For me, the most precious jewels I can put on around my neck now are the arms of my rainbow child.

So, here’s to the moms like me who forget about themselves while remembering everything else. Your love shines brighter than any designer label, and your dedication is more stylish than any fashion trend.


Jill Palarca is a licensed professional teacher specializing in Media and Information Literacy and is also currently the chairperson of Media Educators of Mindanao. She is mom to angels Meryl and Lyanna, and rainbow baby, Andrea.


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