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EDITORIAL | Summer sun sounds fun, but heat can be a threat

We have been praying for cooler weather for the past months as the temperature has inched higher, to the point that classes in schools have to be suspended due to the unbearable heat and unventilated classrooms.

Summer is here, bringing warm weather that beckons with outdoor adventures, but it also hides dangers we need to be proactive about. Heatstroke is a serious risk, especially for children and the elderly.

Children and older adults lose fluids faster due to their size and body temperature regulation. So, staying hydrated is crucial. Encourage frequent water breaks and ditch sugary drinks for water or electrolyte-rich beverages like diluted fruit juices or sports drinks. Bringing a flask of cold water must be part of our things to bring when we go to school or work.

We appeal to young adults to wear loose, lightweight, and breathable clothing instead of the trendy jackets despite the heat. Light-colored fabrics for everyone – children and seniors, should be the norm.

Sunscreen with a high SPF is a non-negotiable. Reapply often, especially after swimming or sweating. Wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses are shields for delicate skin and eyes.

What is important is to know the warning signs of a heat stroke. Dizziness, nausea, headaches, and rapid heartbeat are red flags. If you see these signs, take action to cool the person down and get them fluids. Educate caregivers and parents on recognizing these symptoms for a faster response.

We need a collective effort for a healthy summer by creating a culture of awareness and care. By working together on hydration, clothing, sun protection, cool environments, identifying symptoms, and fostering community support, we can ensure a healthy and enjoyable summer for everyone. Let’s embrace this responsibility and create a world where everyone thrives, regardless of age.


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