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EDITORIAL | Community effort stops Dengue in its tracks

Davao City, like many tropical regions, faces the perennial threat of dengue fever outbreaks. The good news is that the city is experiencing a decrease in reported dengue cases and City Health-Tropical Division Melodian Babante attributed the slide to community efforts.

The strict implementation of Ordinance No. 0401-20, which penalizes those with mosquito breeding sites in their homes, is a step in the right direction. But beyond punitive measures, fostering a culture of cleanliness and responsibility is paramount. Regular clean-up drives, proper waste disposal, and clearing stagnant water sources should become habitual practices, not just periodic activities.

The 4S strategy, coupled with the “Four o’clock habit” and the “Aksyon Barangay Kontra Dengue,” offer a comprehensive framework for community action. Regular weekly clean-up drives in barangays, with active participation from community volunteers, can significantly reduce mosquito breeding sites. School authorities and business establishments are also urged to do their part.

While the city government plays a leading role, individual responsibility cannot be overstated. Each resident has a stake in this fight. Simple actions like checking flower vases, cleaning gutters, and properly disposing of trash can make a substantial difference. By embracing a proactive approach and fostering a sense of shared responsibility, Davao City can significantly reduce dengue cases and protect its residents from this preventable disease.

The battle against dengue is a marathon, not a sprint. Sustained effort, community engagement, and a proactive mindset are key to winning this fight. Let’s make every day a “Dengue Prevention Day” in Davao City.


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